The CaPC Podcast #100: The Christian and the Illegal Immigrant

The CaPC Podcast #100: The Christian and the Illegal ImmigrantThis week's podcast features new hosts: CaPC editor, Drew Dixon and writer, Brad Williams. This week Brad and Drew discuss Christians' responsibility toward illegal immigrants in their midst. The Supreme Court of Alabama recently ruled in favor of new legislation that imposes greater restrictions on illegal immigrants.Brad and Drew live in Albertville, Al which has a large Hispanic population. The New York Times recently reported … [Read more...]

The CaPC Podcast #99: Discussing Politics Without Ruining Dinner

Click here to listenThat's right, it's the return of the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast. While we're hoping to provide conversations between all kinds of CaPC writers (more on that next week), we're starting the relaunch with the classic duo: Ben Bartlett and Richard Clark.This week, they kick things off by candidly discussing Richard's recent Feature about the past and future of the site, Christ and Pop Culture: Already and Not Yet.After that, they focus in on the nature of political … [Read more...]

Ray Comfort's 180: Pass It On?

Christ and Pop Culture's writers are pro-life, but when 180 began to go viral, we found ourselves at odds about the film. Is Ray Comfort's signature socratic style a model for Christians to follow when debating the issue with other Christians? More crucially, does every Christian have a responsibility to post videos like this on their Facebook walls so that their non-Christian friends can watch and learn from them? On the other hand, is the video too flawed to support in any way? In order to try … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Robertson "Clarifies", Bell Goes to Hollywood, Dogs Surf

Jason Pat Robertson says he was “misinterpreted” when he said that a man ought to divorce his Alzheimer’s-stricken wife. Russell D. Moore responds to Robertson’s response.How Doctor Who Became My ReligionDC Comics recently “sexed up” a character named Starfire, and author Michele Lee asked her seven-year-old daughter — a big fan of Starfire — what she thought of the changes.Rich This is the most confounding headline you will read in a while: ABC But Spiritual Drama From 'Lost' Exec Carlton … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Netflix is Sorryish, Elevation starts a Conversation, PETA and Porn, and Seinfeld the Oracle of Facebook

Jason Netflix recently offered a mea culpa regarding their recent pricing changes and announced that they’re spinning their DVD-by-mail business into a brand new company called “Qwikster”. Not surprisingly, a lot of folks got ticked off by the announcement, but Dan Frommer offers “10 things to remember about Netflix while scratching your head about Qwikster”.Gamers solve a problem in three weeks that scientists couldn’t solve in a decade: “The gamers achieved their discovery by playing Foldit, … [Read more...]

Ron Paul: Seriously?

In the midst of a relatively unpredictable and discouraging selection of Republican nominees, Ron Paul stands out. For some, he represents a shining beacon of true American values. For others, he's merely a distraction from the true candidates. Either way, Paul has inspired a significant amount of debate about the nature of elections, the need for uncompromising truth in the midst of pandering candidates, and the Christian's duty to vote with wisdom and discernment. Unfortunately, like most … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Toys for Girls, Pat Robertson, The End of Men, Tea Party Zombies, Apple, etc.

Drew Alisa Harris brings up some excellent points about protecting your children in light of the launch of PastorMark.tvMichael Thomson of Slate wrote an article titled, “Shooting Gallery: Why aren’t their civilians in military videogames?” which spawned my article this week on When Games Matter.Cathy Lynn Grossman reports for USA Today, citing research from George Barna, that more Americans are tailoring religion to fit their needs.Sadly few people know who Eugene Nida is. I love Think Chr … [Read more...]

How 9/11 Changed Us

In an effort to reflect and remember, we asked various contributors to Christ and Pop Culture to respond to the question: “How have the events of 9/11 changed or impacted you?” Here are nine varied responses to that question. Please share your own response in the comments."Preparation for Mourning" by Ben Bartlett, writer and associate editor On the morning of September 11, 2001, my college roommate came bursting into our room. “Well, the terrorists are blowing us to hell,” he stated, matter-o … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Worship Music, Redeeming Culture, Beck, MMA, etc.

Rich Over at Paste, CaPC writer Luke Larsen put together this list of 10 Indie Games That Matter, and did a pretty great job.This is one of the best things I’ve read about worship music in a long time, and it doubles as an unflinching expose. BONUS: Ronnie Martin from Joy Electric fame provides some intermittent perspective!My pastor, Greg Gilbert, wrote a book about the mission of the church. I’m going to plug it now, because he’s my pastor but also because this book looks kinda awesome. I w … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Potter, Arguments, Education, Punky Brewster etc.

JasonJerram Barrs on the redemptive elements in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Vic Sizemore on music as a “soul orgasm”: “I struggle daily with issues of faith and doubt. I am resigned to this as my lot in life. When a silly song on a bad TV show gives me chills, though, when a fine guitar solo makes me soar, when the violins in Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto rise as one vast wave, lifting the piano part, I know it isn’t simply vibrations hitting my ears.”Erin S.Punky Brewster is all … [Read more...]