Elsewhere: Nascar Prayer Guy, Guilty Pleasures, Jeff Goldblum

Drew God in the basement of the Empire State Building: Andrew Marantz of New York Times Magazine takes an inside look King’s College--a conservative Christian college in the heart of Manhattan.“Minecon” a conference dedicated to Minecraft to be held in Las Vegas.William Thornton says many Christians’ reaction to the “Nascar prayer guy” did not fit his crime.Defending the faith is easier than you might think.Andrew Welch would take the guilt out of some of our guilty pleasures. … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Piper on Twitter, Coffee, Google+, Mortal Kombat, etc.

Drew M. Leary of Filmwell critiques a review of Terrance Malick’s Tree of Life from the Gospel Coalition.John Piper says Twitter is“a demanding form, not a lazy one.”Ever wonder how drugs get across our borders? The L.A. Times takes a fascinating look at this issue.Slate asks a pivotal question, “is coffee good or bad for us?”“The Use of Voice in Portal 2” - this might be the clearest articulation I have read on why the Portal games excel in balancing gameplay and narrative.A couple of … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Cage Fighting, CCM, Oprah, and Violent Videogames

Drew “The Confessions of a Cage Fighter: Masculinity, Misogyny, and the Fear of Losing Control”This article from a former cage fighter is probably the best refutation of the type of masculinity that Mark Driscoll and Christian MMA fans promote that I have read.“Divided the Movie” Tim Challies reviews “Divided” a documentary promoting the Family Integrated Church Movement. Challies points out some glaring weaknesses in the film and the movement as a whole.Meghan O’Gieblyn has written a fascinati … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Christian Games, Harry Potter, Netflix, Friday Night Lights, etc.

Rich Kotaku has an interesting article about Christian game developers.Think Christian on the real problem with Transformers.Can games be spiritual experiences?  Don’t know if you heard, but Netflix made the world end this week. Here’s an even-handed article about it by Ian Bogost.Former CaPC writer, Chase Livingston has been hosting a “grief week” over at his own blog, with some great stuff there. Two of the entries are from CaPC writers.J. K. Rowling “came clean” about the Christian i … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Casey Anthony, Tiny Tower, Michael Bay, Modern Warfare, Rand, etc.

Jason “Her Blood Cries Out: Casey Anthony, Caylee, and the Justice of God”How and why cassettes are about to be cool againTroy McClure’s 10 greatest momentsWhat did Margaret Sanger really say about infanticide and abortion?A collection of awesome comic strip posters that re-tells the entire “Harry Potter” sagaRich Last week I wrote about iOS game, Tiny Tower and how it was cool, I think? This week Jorge Albor is all, “NOPE.”Here’s Kill Screen’s stellar coverage of the Supreme Court v … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Ebert, Quiet Films, Turntable.fm, Rob Lowe, and Banjo!

Jason The Swell Season tells us the true story about Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s relationship, even if it’s not the story we want to see. After Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed in a car accident, Roger Ebert tweeted “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive”, with the result being quite a bit of vitriol directed at the director. Read Ebert’s response to the criticism.Facebook is working with various music services, including Spotify, to provide an online dashboard to stream, r … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Lebron, E3, Duke Nukem, evolutionary psychology, etc.

Jason First Things writes on a growing trend amongst modern artists to include “pseudo-chapels” and religious imageryin their pieces.Jilted Idealists in the Age of Twitter – Another take on the LeBrondownTerry Teachout writes about his brother, who decided to make a life in their hometown: “I left home to find myself, but my brother didn't have to leave home because he knew who he was.”Rich Is the internet our new religion?Want some great off-the-beaten-path E3 coverage? Jon Irwin over at K … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Romance and Young Adult Novels, Human Centipede II, Settlers of Catan, etc.

Carissa Lots of people this week are writing about “This sort of book is/isn’t bad for you.” Caryn Rivadeneira writes “Why Romance Novels Aren’t Emotional Porn.”The blogosphere has been rife with responses to Meghan Cox Gurdon’s lament about the “darkness” of current YA lit, but most of them are even less insightful than the original essay, says Alan Jacobs.Slate’s Hollywood Career-O-Matic is one of those time-wasters you can pretend is “research.”Jason The BBFC (the U.K. rating board) recent … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Pop Charts, Storytelling, Transhumanism, The Abstinence Movie, etc.

Drew Harvey Mansfield on Manliness and Morality. Owen Strachan responds with Man, Temptation, and the Gospel. John J. Thompson hears echoes of faith at the top of the pop charts.Our very own Jason Morehead has written an excellent Meditation on one of my favorite movies, Zhang Yimou’s “Hero”Matthew Lee Anderson on Madmen and Conservative Nostalgia.“Lying and art spring from a common impulse: to escape reality. Art is in fact a kind of lying, and lying a form of art . . .” Interesti … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: E-Readers, Ponycorns, Infinity Blade, Christian Film, etc.

Alan In the future, prisoners will be forced to mine for gold 12 hours a day in a virtual world. Oh wait, that’s now, in China. The future is here, and it’s terrible.The usability of e-readers is questioned in this post which cites a year-long study of how college students use them.Google’s philosopher? According to Venture Beat, Google has hired a philosopher to help them think through the ethics of their business. Damon Horowitz, the philosopher, is quoted as saying, ““Ethics is hard. . . . … [Read more...]