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Screen Meaning: Devil

Screen Meaning is a weekly exploration by Chase Livingston of the spiritual or transcendent themes contained within films.No matter what you believe about evil, even if you believe the devil is a bogeyman used to control people, you will agree evil is an undeniable reality. You may choose a different word: corruption, conspiracy, catastrophe, or incompetence. Nonetheless, by your outrage or dismay you indirectly acknowledge that evil is a real force.Horror movies have faithfully tended to … [Read more...]

Six Pop Culture Resolutions

February is the perfect time to get serious about your new year. In January people are sad that the old year died. By February we've had time to work through our feelings and collect our thoughts. Now we can get down to the hard work of making this new year sparkle.For your edification and enjoyment, I have compiled this list of pop culture resolutions. These are based on my own reflections of how to use pop culture to my benefit this year. After reviewing the list, please print, sign, … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Posts of 2010: #2 – Questioning Matthew Paul Turner: Part 1

Matthew Paul Turner is a popular Christian writer and speaker. His newest book, Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost, is available in stores today.My copy was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. I enjoyed Hear No Evil but I expected I would. I will say I think my mom would like it and I’d even recommend it to my non-believing music snob friends. Will it change your life? Only The Secret can do that but this will make you laugh and t … [Read more...]

Is a New Moral Code in Order?

On CNN.com Yaron Brook and Onkar Ghate suggest, "Our moral code is out of date.""Ask someone on the street to name a moral hero; if he isn't at a loss, he'll likely name someone like Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa. Why? Because they're regarded as people of faith who shunned personal profit for the collective good. No one would dream of naming Galileo, Darwin, Thomas Edison or John D. Rockefeller. Yet we should. It is they, not the Mother Teresas of the world, that we should strive to be like … [Read more...]

Why Parenthood is Better

I prefer Parenthood over Modern Family. I believe it is a better show and that it will be remembered more positively in the future. Both series deal with dilemmas faced by families at present as so many shows in TV history have boasted of doing. What separates Parenthood is that it is about communication instead of miscommunication. In the Braverman universe, miscommunication still exists except here it is not the chief plot device. Here, at a speed and manner resembling life, characters … [Read more...]

The David Bazan Interview: Coming to Terms with Doubt

Last September, David Bazan released an album of ten songs equal parts resolute and rollicking. His was an achievement, a truly great rock record in every sense of the word. The buzz surrounding Curse Your Branches was that as the title suggests, Mr. Bazan, a longtime outlaw of the CCM scene, had cursed his branches. I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Bazan last week about that album, his "breakup" with God, and his thought and faith at present.Christ and Pop Culture: You made public … [Read more...]

Fade to Black – Paste Magazine: 2002-2010

The sad news I read Wednesday was that Paste Magazine is dead. The publication had been on life support last year, during an especially uncertain time for print, but had pulled ahead after the "Campaign to Save Paste" which rallied subscriber and artist support while temporarily scaling back by way of smaller issues and download-only samplers. I hadn't given the matter another thought until then. Reading those words, I felt like my dog had been hit by a car, like I was going to have to go out … [Read more...]

RetroPost: Why I Will Always Root for the Home Team

Editor’s Note: RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: As college football starts to ramp up, we share this meditation by Chase Livingston on what it means to be a fan.I grew up at the tail end of an empire. That empire was known as the Crimson Tide. As far as I knew, every living soul loved Alabama Football with the exception of terrorists and baby killers. Their number one fan just h … [Read more...]

The Fight of Our Lives

As someone who has witnessed prolonged terminal illness as it gradually diminishes the life of loved ones, I have seen the way that dying people hang on to life; I have seen what it takes for them to let go. I have also seen how the promise of medical advance entices and further complicates that process of acceptance. Denial may seem harmless to some and may even be deemed an appropriate coping mechanism by others but the refusal to accept is detrimental.This level of denial renders daily … [Read more...]

LOST Marathon

For whatever reason, I've never watched LOST. I did watch a half an episode during the first season but never committed to it. But then, yesterday I had an unusually wild idea:To watch the entire 6 seasons in as few days as possible.I checked Hulu. To my surprise, every episode was available online. I calculated. 121 episodes at roughly 45 minutes each would take 3.78 days to complete. Factoring in the need for nutrition, naps, and other responsibilities it seemed 7 days was a reasonable … [Read more...]