Beck Goes to Liberty

Jerry Falwell, Jr. announced last week that Glenn Beck will be commencement speaker for Liberty University's May 15th graduation.What?! Exactly.There are those of you reading this who like Beck. I hope you will bear with me as I explain why this move is a horrible one on the part of Liberty. Then there are others of you who fail to see the big deal. After all, Liberty has aligned themselves with conservative politics figure heads for the length of their existence. However, this is … [Read more...]

Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like: The CaPC Interview

Stuff Christians Like is a new book by blogger and first-time author Jon Acuff. The book is an expansion of the website of the same name which has graced the internet since 2008. The SCL book, like the blog, is a freeing look at our funny family of faith, even those less-than-flattering problem areas. Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to mark the occasion by asking Jon a few questions. Enjoy!What are the limits of satire?I don't think there are clear cut black and white limits. … [Read more...]

Be an Amerivisionarycan!

On HuffPost, Tim Siedell, the humorist better known as @badbanana on Twitter, offers, A Simple Plan to Fix the American Political System Using Common Sense and a Little Dinosaur DNA. … [Read more...]

Searching for Christ in a Culture of Fear

This morning President Obama signs historic healthcare legislation into law. A lot of people are not happy about this. Many decry this as the end of America, others as the end of time. I thought we had until 2012? Either way, I'm not a prophet or a poli-sci major so I wouldn't know for sure. I have noticed many Christians are at maximum freak out levels. I would like to provide some helpful reflective thoughts for your consideration. Thank you.Since "perfect love drives out fear" (1 … [Read more...]

An Imprecise Theology of Things and Stuff

When the sun bursts into the sky or when a fireworks display proves a stellar imitation, I know it is good and I take it in. When friends invite me over for dinner, I am grateful for the meal and the company. I know these things are good. When someone laughs at a joke I tell or better yet when another person "knows what I am talking about", I pause and savor it. These are life's delicious moments. Indisputably they are to be enjoyed, but they are without monetary expense. If the best things … [Read more...]

Hear No Evil Giveaway!

Your favorite 8 letter word is FREE BOOK.We've got 5 copies of Matthew Paul Turner's new book Hear No Evil to give away.To enter to win all you have to do is one of the following:Follow @ChristandPC on TwitterRetweet the following: "RT @Christandpc Win 1 of 5 copies of #HearNoEvil by @JesusNeedsNewPR RT,Follow @Christandpc or comment: (ends Tues @ 5pm)"Comment on Pt. 1 or Pt. 2 of the MPT Interview.Comment on this post answering this question: If asked to … [Read more...]

Questioning Matthew Paul Turner: Part 2

Matthew Paul Turner is a popular Christian writer and speaker. His newest book, Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost, is now available in stores.My copy was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.You can download the first chapter here then go here to purchase it.Read Part 1 of this interview.I talked with Matthew recently about the book, as well as, his thoughts on honesty, humor, and a whole host of other hot and/or holy topics. … [Read more...]

Questioning Matthew Paul Turner: Part 1

Matthew Paul Turner is a popular Christian writer and speaker. His newest book, Hear No Evil: My Story of Innocence, Music, and the Holy Ghost, is available in stores today.My copy was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. I enjoyed Hear No Evil but I expected I would. I will say I think my mom would like it and I’d even recommend it to my non-believing music snob friends. Will it change your life? Only The Secret can do that but this will make you laugh and t … [Read more...]

Why Brian Johnson is Wrong about Bono

According to AC/DC's Brian Johnson, Bono should keep his charitable giving to himself.The raucous rock 'n' roller spoke out against U2's philanthropist front man. Johnson said, "When I was a working man I didn't want to go to a concert for [someone] to talk down to me that I should be thinking of some kid in Africa." We're all familiar with the argument. Seeing a friend throw a plate of food away I once channeled finger-wagging moms everywhere and chided him, "think of the poor, starving … [Read more...]

One Journey Ends, A Proper Goodbye

Cathleen Falsani, author of The Dude Abides and religion columnist, writes about being let go from the Sun-Times. This piece is what would have been her last there except that the editor would not allow any such farewell note. Jeffrey Overstreet suggested that she write it up anyway and send it to bloggers she knows who could in turn post it. I am doing my part toward that end. I'd recommend it anyway. Also, she discusses Crazy Heart and redemptive stories. … [Read more...]