119 Things Lost did and didn't answer

119 things LOST did and didn't answer.  This is a shout out to all you sci-fi nerds out there! … [Read more...]

Resurgence: Film and Theology on Lost

You may be tired of hearing about Lost, but I very much enjoyed this little video on Lost from The Resurgence's Film and Theology--helped me make peace with what I saw Sunday.  Bear with the terrible sound in the opening--it gets better. … [Read more...]

LOST's Greatest Achievement and Failure

Watching LOST has been a blast.  I can't tell you how many interesting conversations LOST has spawned for me with friends, acquaintances, and even people I really don't know at all.  I particularly found this last season fascinating because of the massive questions about life, faith, morality, and human free will that the show was throwing around.  Over the years I threw out my fair share of theories about the island, the Darhma Initiative, "the Others," and so on--it was simultaneously en … [Read more...]

The Uncessary Christ of Lost

An interesting take on LOST's hero who everyone loves to hate. … [Read more...]

Honorable Mention: Passion Pit – "Manners"

I was going to mention several "honorable mentions" to my Top 10 List of the 2000s but I never really got to it, I plan to list a couple each week.If you have never listened to Passion Pit--this is just fantastic popy, bright, infectious music (think a mixture of Daft Punk and Ra Ra Riot), go to iTunes right now and buy both "Manners" and the EP "Chunk of Change" both are fantastic.  Highlights include:  Moth's Wings, Sleepyhead, and Cuddle Fuddle (Chunk of Change).Manners probably should h … [Read more...]

The Top Ten Albums from the Decade of Musical Discovery

I love music.  I have for some time, probably spent more money on music than any other form of media.  This has resulted in a pretty massive collection--one that with the rise of the mp3 has caused me to invest in an external hard drive and eventually sell my 80 GB iPod because it could no longer hold my entire library.  The 2000's were tremendous years of musical discovery for me.  I suppose many people could relate to my experience of discovering music in college, but if I could summarize it in … [Read more...]

A Defense of Online Dating

Much of what I have heard about online dating in Christian-circles has ranged from skeptical to fearful.  Why is it that evangelicals default to fear when it comes to so many aspects of culture?  Fear of God is a wonderful thing, but fear of the world around us is paralyzing--perfect love casts out such fear (1 John 4:18; c.f. Chase's recent post on this subject).Online dating is not evil, its not even necessarily full of creepy people, weirdos, and losers who can't find a date otherwise.  The … [Read more...]

Honorable Mention: Ships by Danielson

Top Albums of the Decade Honorable Mention: Ships by DanielsonOtherwise known as Danielson Famile or Brother Danielson, Daniel Smith has been making bizarre but Christ-exalting music for over 15 years now.  Though Smith and his family have enjoyed some commercial success and had the privilege/curse of helping Sufjan Stevens get his start (Sufjan played with Danielson and opened for them before reaching indie folk-rocker superstardom), most of their records are quite difficult to get into m … [Read more...]

Honorable Mention for Top 10 Albums of the Decade: Drunkard's Prayer by Over the Rhine

Soon I plan to publish my top 10 albums of the last decade, until then I thought I would write asides on "honorable mention" albums that almost made the list.  There will probably be a lot--there was a lot of good music in the 2000s!Drunkard's Prayer by Over the Rhine is a painfully honest album about the difficulty of marriage.  It is brutally honest and yet wonderfully full of hope.  This husband and wife duo looks to the Lord to bring healing to their broken relationship and finds the road h … [Read more...]

An Exercise in Missing the Point

I read this article today in Time by a young Muslim girl who was offended by what her text book said Islam.   But the quote she cites actually says nothing about Islam, it says something very specific about the Quran.  Those are two different discussions.  What this girl should be upset about with regard to this text book is not stereotyping Islam but rather misinterpreting the Quran.  Of course we don't get the whole quote in the article, but the portion she seemed to be upset with goes like thi … [Read more...]