Dr. Phil Can't Fix Your Marriage

Dr. Phil Can't Fix Your Marriage - sure good ole Phil has lots of good things to say, but a truly successful marriage is one made up of a wife and a husband who are pursuing a common goal. … [Read more...]

Bioshock 2 and the Power of Influence

Warning: The following post contains major end-game spoilers.Everyone makes disciples.  Whether you know it or not, you actually are making disciples--there are people who, for better or worse, look up to you and follow your example.  What you center your life around will have an affect on those closest to you and how they live their lives.  Certainly it is possible for children to "break the mold" of their parents, but I suspect that is far more rare than we would like to admit.Bioshock 2 wa … [Read more...]

Whose Bible is it Anyway? A lesson in the Consequences of One's View of Scripture

Whose Bible is it Anyway? Who is the ultimate authority over what is true?  How does that affect what we think and believe? … [Read more...]

The Danger of Growing Up in Church

Of course I believe that growing up in church is a wonderful thing, but I think it does carry certain dangers that we should be aware of. … [Read more...]

The Most Ignorant Title I Have Seen In Some Time

Did you know that some Physicist have re-created conditions not seen since the Big Bang?  Call me ignorant, but I don't know anyone who has seen the Big Bang. … [Read more...]

Is "The One" Worth Searching For?

The idea of "the one" or a "soul-mate" is quite common in popular culture today.  The Twilight series based 4 rather lengthy books on this concept (I am not sure how, but its an impressive feat nonetheless).  I will never forget Serendipity, whose plot is based on two people who met briefly in the past who later in life attempt to reconnect because each simply feels that the other is "the one."  Even some of the most popular romantic comedies play off this idea on some level--Sleepless in Se … [Read more...]

Avatar's Record Breaking Profits are Troubling

What does Avatar's record breaking profits say about the state of American cinema? . . .   I am not sure but apparently you can dress Fern Gully and Dances with Wolves up with pretty graphics and make a  lot of money.Avatar made 11 million dollars . . . this weekend . . . in Italy. … [Read more...]

Intentional Online Dating For Christians

Marry Well:  A Better Path to Marriage is an online dating site aimed at marriage-minded Christians.  Tim Challies wrote about the site which he sponsors and it sounds like a very unique and interesting site.I have mixed feelings about online dating, but is interesting to hear of a site that is trying to address some of the flaws and limitations of online dating (especially for Christians).  I think most Christians think of online dating about like they do Battle Star Galactica--they think it i … [Read more...]

Protecting the Bible Post-Apocalyptic Style: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of The Book of Eli

The world of The Book of Eli is a vast wasteland of death and destruction, controlled by criminals, plagued by cannibals, and rampant with injustice.  The nuclear war that left the world in such disarray was caused by religion, particularly abuses of the Bible.  Thus Bibles were systematically destroyed and only one Bible remains—the “Book” of Eli, the movie's protagonist—which is the last known King James Bible.  Thus Eli has a book that many want destroyed and others want to steal in order to e … [Read more...]

The History of Facebook

In reviewing a pair of books on Facebook and the landscape of social networking, Charles Peterson of New York Review of Books has written a fascinating history of Facebook and social networking.  He talks about how the site was essentially stolen and has now evolved into the most widely used social networking site on the web.  He also explains Facebook Connect and its potential to forever change the way that we use the web.  As one who has been on Facebook since 2005, I think this account is ac … [Read more...]