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From Fanboy to Frustrated: A Plea To Mark Driscoll

“Did you hear what Driscoll said?”I have come to hate that question, largely because it reflects the obsessiveness with regard to Christian culture's pastor-celebrities. But I have also come to hate it because I grow weary of Mark Driscoll’s misstatements . If he’s not saying video games are stupid, or Avatar is satanic, then he is saying that “real men” are those who look and act like him. When I first was introduced to his ministry I was captivated. I became a Driscoll fanboy overnight. I rea … [Read more...]

Cars 2: Mater's Cultural Ignorance Is Not Okay For You

I was running late but I did make it home in time to pick up my little girl for our "daddy and daughter date." Normally we get ice cream and go to the pet store, but today was special. She was going to her first ever movie in the theater and we were seeing Cars 2. It was a wonderful experience, and not just because it was a special treat for my daughter.Cars 2 is a decent film. It was a good sequel in that it doesn't merely repeat the same basic story,  and in fact this film highlights Mater … [Read more...]

Tina Fey's Comical Humility

Brushing your teeth is optional when you go to bed at 3 a.m. Now, any other normal day of the week you should brush your teeth. But when you come rolling in at 3 a.m. you have approximately five seconds to decide if you have the energy to stand in front of the sink before your body makes that decision for you. So, needless to say, several nights ago when this happened to me I did not brush my teeth. I was way too exhausted, oddly enough, however, I was also way too enthralled in Tina Fey’s b … [Read more...]

Human Dignity in The Parking Lot

It’s the underbelly of American culture, a place where civil society disappears and the sinister takes over. It’s a place of cruelty, where people become monsters and human dignity vanishes. What is this place? It is a pay-parking lot. You may not think of it as a seedy place in our world, but the attendants at The Corner Parking Lot in Charlottesville, VA do. The Parking Lot Movie, a full-length documentary about The Corner Lot, allows us to see it too, and what we see are normal, everyday peo … [Read more...]

Needle Exchange and Christian Ethics

There has been a resurgence of interest in the harm reduction program of Needle Exchange. The basic philosophy behind the program is that if drug users will swap out their used needles for clean ones then there may be a decrease in the spread of both HIV and Hepatatis C. The problem with the program is that it does turn a blind eye toward drug abuse and even enables abuse and addiction. So as a Christian what do you think is the right response to such a program? Do you think Christians should … [Read more...]

The Not So Radical Book: A Review of David Platt's Radical

David Platt, pastor of Church at Brook Hills in Alabama, may be quiet, unassuming, and modest, but his book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From The American Dream is anything but. The book is a barrage of challenges and hard-nosed critique of the church. Of course, there are a million books like that, a new critique of the church seems to come out every month. There is something that makes Platt’s book different, however. His critique is not merely presented in terms of cultural context, but it … [Read more...]

Rock N' Soul: Amos Lee, The Power of Music, and The Near Gospel Truth

Desperate single ladies can sometimes be really obnoxious. I had the privilege of staying in quaint Bed & Breakfast and attending an Amos Lee concert this weekend. It was a tremendous gift to my wife and I from some of the dearest friends (thank you a thousand times over Kyle and Bethany). The concert was wonderful, but there was one particular woman, just up the aisle from us, who had come to the show for apparently two reasons: to get plastered, and to shout out how deeply, madly, … [Read more...]

With Limited Interruptions, Part 2: Three Months Without Pop Culture or Other Distractions

Read Part 1.There are some things you can just never get away from. Like cell phones, Lady Gaga, and mullets and the county fair they are everywhere. As I sat in Borders a few weeks ago it occurred to me that pop-culture is like that. I was reading and drinking my coffee while music played over the air waves, magazine covers proclaimed news (and not news) to me, and my daughter watched cartoons on my iPad. There was simply no escaping pop-culture, despite the fact that I have been on a … [Read more...]

With Limited Interruptions: My First Month without Pop Culture or Other Disctractions

I hate saying it, but the honest truth is that I miss Facebook. I also want to watch a movie and yesterday I wanted to play a video game really bad. I anticipate, starting next month, that I will miss coffee even more. After one month of my three-month-long experiment, removing film, TV, and leisure internet, I have learned much about myself.For starters I have learned that my default mode, most days, is to watch TV, play video games, and surf the web. It struck me almost instantly how … [Read more...]

For Me, Story Was the Game Changer

The importance of a good story cannot be overstated. Whole cultures are shaped around their common stories, and it's not hard to think (at least in my own life) of the influence of various stories, least of which is the gospel "story." This must explain why I have recently developed such a fascination with the Xbox 360.I've never been much of a gamer. Beyond a few casual play sessions and a few random purchases of older systems I never did bother with video games much. But as I have read the … [Read more...]