P90X for Jesus

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Proverbs 25:28If I am honest my city was invaded a long time ago and I've been living in subjection to a new master for some time. I am in many ways a slave to self-indulgence and comfort. For months now I have had a strong and pressing conviction from the Holy Spirit that my lifestyle needs to change, but my soul is so sick that on many occassions after recognizing this conviction I have simply said, "I don't want … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Posts of 2010: #6 – Hipster Christianity: Did You Know That You're a Hipster?

Currently, as I type this article, I am sitting in a dimly lit coffee shop with books next to me sipping on my mocha, listening to Sufjan Stevens play over the house stereo. I am wearing a slightly tight fitting retro 8Os tee, Dickies shorts, and black chucks. Tomorrow night I will be going out with friends to drink imported beer and talk about the plausibility of theistic evolution. The church I preached at on Sunday morning was full of people with tattoos (including the guy behind the … [Read more...]

How Can You Watch A Show About Buddhism?

I confess that I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, but the truth is that I watched the complete series of Avatar: The Last Airbender and loved it (thanks again Netflix). I always swore that I would never like anime and Asian-style cartoons. I have since learned that this is to my shame. But what I loved most about this particular cartoon was the gripping story and endearing characters. I loved watching the story of Aang unfold as he attempted to restore balance to the world.At some point … [Read more...]

I Laughed At Hipster Hitler, But I Didn't Like It

I have a confession to make: I laughed at Hipster Hitler. Hipster Hitler is a clever web comic that features the well-known dictator as a trendy young hipster trying to be cool while also taking over the world. He dabbles often in irony, sarcasm, and supposed "hipster" stereo-types: fixies, underground music, and organic food. The comic is often very funny. The creators play on lesser known puns which create some witty and intelligent humor. Yet I have a serious dilemma. I can appreciate satire, … [Read more...]

RetroPost: A Blackened Friday

RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: After a relatively quiet Black Friday, it seems fitting to remember just how ugly Black Friday can become, as it did in November of 2008...By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that a man was trampled to death at Wal-Mart while opening the doors for “Black Friday.” It’s a sad testimony to the greedy, self-absorbed culture that American consumerism (combined … [Read more...]

The Problem of Homelessness

This week is National Homelessness Awareness week. The epidemic that is homelessness certainly warrants at least a week of thoughtful conversation and prayer. It's a problem all over the world and impacts even small cities like mine. My small community of 21,000 people has a real problem with homelessness. It's often connected to our massive substance abuse problem, but what surprises me the most isn't that this small town has drugs and homeless people. What surprises me most is how little … [Read more...]

RetroPost: How to Celebrate “Reformation Day” Without Being Weird

RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: If you're not rethinking Halloween, you're most likely celebrating another holiday on October 31st. David Dunham provides some helpful hints.Just in case you were unaware: October 31st is an important date for Protestants, and it has nothing to do with Halloween. October 31st is known as Reformation Day. It was this day in 1517 that Martin Luther, a … [Read more...]

Dexter: We Are All Serial Killers Inside

"We are all good and we are all evil."It's not exactly sound Biblical theology, but neither is it totally false. After all, many protestant Christians affirm both total depravity and common grace. But somehow I don't think that's how the writers of  Showtime's Dexter intend the statement to be taken. Dexter after all is a crime dramedy about a forensics specialist with the Miami PD who has a particularly gruesome late night hobby: serial killing. This theme, that we are all good and evil, is a … [Read more...]

Poser Christianity

Dr. James K.A. Smith offers a critique of Brett McCracken's Hipster Christianity, insisting that McCracken is really addressing posers more than hipsters. It's an interesting article and I think it raises some good critiques. The critique itself is, I think, a bit more harsh than it needed to be. Here's a good summary quote: …his analysis only works if, in fact, all hipsters are really just posers. That is, McCracken effectively reduces all hipsters to posers precisely because he can only im … [Read more...]

Wake Up! To Optimism

If it is true that everyone is a theologian then I wonder what ?uestlove's Theology is. He, along with the rest of The Roots, and friend John Legend give us a glimpse in their new collaborative work Wake Up! The album is actually a thoughtful, if sometimes self-indulgent, unique interpretation of 60s and 70s cover songs. It is also, perhaps like the 60s, overly optimistic about changing the world for the better.The album is over an hour long and at various points it feels longer. Each song is, … [Read more...]