"Hipster Christians": An Analysis

I am a rebel! What can I say? There I sat in the dimly lit coffee shop throwing caution to the wind. Despite all warnings that reading in poor lighting will ruin your eyes I was studying the Gospel of Mark under a small table lamp. I know, it's just scandalous. The coffee shop wasn't very crowded so it was easy for me to spot two other young men, on opposite sides of the room who were also reading their Bibles. It was an interesting sight to behold, and it got me thinking: young 20 something … [Read more...]

"Hipster Christianity": Did You Know that You're a Hipster?

Currently, as I type this article, I am sitting in a dimly lit coffee shop with books next to me sipping on my mocha, listening to Sufjan Stevens play over the house stereo. I am wearing a slightly tight fitting retro 8Os tee, Dickies shorts, and black chucks. Tomorrow night I will be going out with friends to drink imported beer and talk about the plausibility of theistic evolution. The church I preached at on Sunday morning was full of people with tattoos (including the guy behind the … [Read more...]

How Labeling People Makes Us Less Like Christ

"What kind of person are you?" It was a seemingly innocent question, if a bit confusing. "Well...umm...I love Jesus and I am a husband and a father of two..." I responded a bit unsure of what he wanted. "No, no...I mean what category do you fit in?" I was totally lost in this conversation but the questioner persisted, "What kind of music do you listen to, that will tell all." "Well I've really been enjoying Mumford and Sons lately," I responded. "I've never heard of them, who else." His … [Read more...]

Weapons of Choice

In the most reacent issue of Collide Magazine various church/ministry leaders (across various disciplines) were asked to list their favorite and most essential productivity tools. Naturally many listed their Mac Books, iPhones, and various software, apps, and programs they use on a daily basis. I've decided it would be fun to see what tools you all use. Here's my list of "Weapons of Choice," share yours.1) Gourmet Coffee- I don't function well, sometimes not at all, without a good cup of … [Read more...]

Currently Watching

What I've been watching lately:1) Arrested Development- I can't believe I didn't watch this show when it was originally aired, it is hilarious. But thanks to Netflix I am watching it now. We've finished season one and just begun season two and I can't stop laughing.2) Futurama- I am a sucker for Matt Groening and this show is quality work. The satire, the wit, and the sheer fun of this animated show make it worth rewatching. Again Netflix has allowed me to rewatch all of the original … [Read more...]

RetroPost: "Shark Week" and the Coming of Christ

I've been fascinated all week by the Discovery Channel's 21st annual¬†Shark Week,¬†particularly by these amazing creatures and the mysteries of their actions. On one show I recall the amazing display of Great White Shark aerial attacks, as these giants of the deep launched themselves out of the water to feast upon seals swimming on the surface! I've been equally amazed at the divers, researchers, and scientists who swim with these incredibly dangerous and unpredictable monsters of the sea.The m … [Read more...]

Is This An Overstatement?

The Death of Friendships...what do you think, hysterical panic or probably true? And is it all really the fault of social networking? … [Read more...]

Americans: The World Cup Can Make You A Better Person

It's sometimes lonely being a soccer fan in the states, especially in my small town where soccer lovers are few and far between. The reality is that, for whatever reason, Americans have not embraced, and don't appear to be any closer to embracing, soccer. Despite the fact that it is the World's Sport, celebrated and beloved everywhere else, and contains some of the globe's most notable celebrities, Americans can hardly tolerate "kick ball." I would like to propose to you, however, that watching … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End

The new Harry Potter movie trailer can be found here. … [Read more...]

Any Takers?

Stephen Colbert and American Farm Laborers are encouraging the mass of unemployed to take jobs on the farms in the Take Our Jobs Campaign. … [Read more...]