Catholics Who Love "The Golden Compass"

So here is an interesting review by some Catholics who say The Golden Compass actually supports Catholic theology! … [Read more...]

Grudem's Relfections on Romney's Speech

Here's Wayne Grudem's Reflections on Romney's Speech … [Read more...]

Why We Can Neither Boycott nor Ignore "The Golden Compass"

Dr. Francis Schaeffer was the prophetic voice of the 20th Century. He forewarned the Christian community of both postmodernity (before it was called postmodernity) and the real issues behind secular humanism. He was a brilliant man whose wisdom, epistemological skills, and grasp of the history of philosophy made him an awesome asset to the Christian community. He was a noted speaker with a worldwide ministry until his death in 1984.One thing, however, that Dr. Schaeffer said stands out in my … [Read more...]

Man Sees Jesus in an X-Ray

Here's a fellow from your home state Rich! … [Read more...]

Could You Play Gay?

I work a part-time job in a non-Christian environment. I am the only believer in my immediate work station, and I can think of only a handful or so of professing believers in my whole building. This can sometimes give me a unique voice in certain conversations, and because of that I get asked lots of questions. Some of the question are of a contentious nature, while other questions are purely out of curiosity. Recently my partner asked me one of the latter.Knowing that I am an evangelical and … [Read more...]

Who Do Evangelical Leaders Support for the Presidency?

Here's Wayne Grudem's Endorsement of RomneyHere's Justin Taylor's Endorsement of Huckabee Pat Robertson Endorses Rudy Giuliani, surprisingly enough … [Read more...]

Sin So Clearly Displayed: A Review of American Gangster

Jesus made it very clear, “Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 5:20). He holds us to a standard where “good” simply isn’t enough. So what does this mean, then, for “good” men? What does this mean for the just and upright, the honorable? What does it mean for good cops like Richie Robbins, who once found 5 million dollars and turned in every cent of it? And Richie is an especially worthy cop to mention here. He, al … [Read more...]

Al Mohler On Blogs and Ministry

Dr. Al Mohler was a key note speaker at this years God Blog Conference. He urged bloggers to use this new media as a real means for Christian ministry. … [Read more...]

Top Five Christmas Movies

Here's my top five Christmas Movies:1) A Christmas Story2) Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Animated version)3) The Nightmare Before Christmas4) Die Hard5) Mickey's Christmas CarolSo what would you guys add or take away from my list? … [Read more...]

Chuck and Truth

He’s so nervous he could vomit. And of course who wouldn’t be when the world’s worst terrorists were shooting machine guns (and crossbows?) at them? But poor Chuck Bartowski is not cut out for this job. He’s not a “secret agent man,” he’s a computer repair man at the local Buy More (the fictional equivalent of our Best Buy Geek Squad). Ever since secret government information was imprinted onto his brain, however, he’s found himself tangled up in one caper after another. But the major theme of Ch … [Read more...]