ELSEWHERE: The Limits Of Neuroscience

The Curator's Sabrina Little responds to and riffs on a recent David Brooks column regarding the limits of neuroscience and the dangers of "scientism." Neuroscience can offer many beneficial insights into human behavior, but, as Little writes, it also "leaves us feeling unsettled and unduly exposed" when applied too broadly. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: A Feminist Defense Of C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is one of Christendom's most beloved authors, due to works like Mere Christianity, A Grief Observed, and of course, The Chronicles of Narnia. However, the Chronicles have resulted in Lewis being criticized for being "monumentally disparaging of women" (as Philip Pullman put it). However, a recent book by Monika Hilder aims to defend Lewis's writings as presenting a "radical theological feminism." … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: What Do Peter And Cornelius Really Tell Us About Gay Marriage?

Last week, Rachel Held Evans posted a piece on CNN about religious convictions, especially related to gay marriage, that used the Biblical story of the apostle Peter and the Roman centurion Cornelius as an example of how to be inclusive. Our very own Derek Rishmawy has posted a response on Mere Orthodoxy that, while appreciative of Evans' overall point, nevertheless pushes back against Evans' exegesis of that particular Biblical story. … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Songs of 2013 (So Far), Part Two

“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk It's a catchy tune with "disco vibes" yet resurrects Daft Punk as a band. However, its true strength is its ability to present the human desire for a soul mate in a creative manner not done in today's market for singles. Chris Hutton*** “IV - The Drone of Earth” by Jay Tholen Jay Tholen’s new album is one of his darkest works, a fairy tale concept album about the loss of faith. It’s also one of his best, musically, as he moves beyond the chiptune sounds of his earl … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Songs of 2013 (So Far), Part One

“Dianne Young” by Vampire WeekendThe perfect summer song, “Dianne Young” (a purposeful homophone for "dyin' young") addresses the inherent recklessness of youth with equal parts coy sarcasm and ambivalent allowance ("If dyin' young won't change your mind, baby, right on time"). Vampire Weekend has crafted a realist anthem to a shortsighted approach to life, offering up a song that has the same qualities: undeniably fun, ultimately tragic, and essentially empty. Richard Clark … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Artists Continue Pushing The Boundaries Of What It Means To Be Human

Back in 2011, I wrote a piece about Marion Laval-Jeantet, a French artist who injected herself with horse blood plasma in order to explore "trans-species relationships." Laval-Jeantet isn't the only artist working in this area and using their body as an artistic medium, though. Here's a list of 7 "bio-artists" who explore, sometimes in disturbing ways, such topics as human enhancement, post-genderism, social concepts of beauty, and genetic manipulation. And in the process, they can challenge m … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Print Your Own Healing

I've written about the possibilities and controversies surrounding 3D printers before, but I don't think there will be too much controversy around this story: Two men have figured out how to print prosthetic "Robohands" for children, and they've made the designs and techniques freely available to all. More info here. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE Does The Military Need To Wage War On Porn?

The U.S. military's growing sexual assault scandal has grown increasingly grim in recent months and years. How can the military fight this growing problem? Two officers believe that a good place to start is by attacking and dealing with the growing rate of pornography addiction within the ranks. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: More Original Material Is Coming From Netflix

In its continuing efforts to become less dependent on other companies (i.e., movie and television studios) for its content, Netflix is seeking to create more original content. Earlier this year, the company rolled out House of Cards and the revived Arrested Development, and now they've struck a deal with DreamWorks Animation. Which gives them new content and, perhaps more importantly, increased name recognition with younger viewers. … [Read more...]

Overcoming the Sexualization of Our Children

What is child pornography? On its face, that seems like a pretty absurd question. Were you ever unfortunate enough to be exposed to child pornography, you would think there would be no mistaking the filth that you were seeing. It would be obvious what it was, and you would obviously be disgusted and horrified by it.But, as Todd Hoffner's bizarre and tragic story shows, it may not always be as obvious as you'd think.In 2012, Hoffner was the celebrated and well-respected coach of Minnesota … [Read more...]