ELSEWHERE: ‘Sesame Street’ Reveals New Muppet For Kids With Incarcerated Parents

Sesame Street has never been known to shy away from difficult and controversial issues, and now they're tackling another one: kids with incarcerated parents. The program has recently unveiled a toolkit to help caregivers address the needs of such children. But this raises a good question: What does it say about our nation's problems when they become so widespread that they get addressed by Sesame Street? … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Warner Brothers Helps Pastors Preach The Gospel According To Superman

Are you a pastor who is stuck for material for an upcoming sermon? Well, you might have heard that there's a new Superman movie out. Warner Brothers has kindly gone through the trouble of preparing a handy-dandy sermon guide based on it. Now you can take the rest of the week off. (Obviously, this is, in no way, a crude marketing ploy just to get churchgoers to see the Man of Steel trailer.) … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: ‘Man Of Steel’ Receives Some Soaring Early Reviews

One of the summer's biggest blockbusters, Man of Steel, opens this weekend, and reviews have started popping up on the Web. So far, they seem to be middling to positive, but the positive reviews are really positive. Take, for example, Drew McWeeny's review, in which he describes Man of Steel as "the Superman movie I've waited my whole life to see." … [Read more...]

Diving Into The Public Schooling Vs. Home Schooling Issue

There are a handful of topics that are almost guaranteed to stir up controversy and spirited debate in many Christian circles. There are, of course, theological matters (e.g., infant baptism, methods of communion) and political issues. But in my experience, one topic can easily trump them all: the education of children. Or, more specifically, public schooling versus home schooling.In the past, I could watch such debates with detached bemusement, but that's no longer the case. Our oldest … [Read more...]

How Concerned Should We Be With How 14-Year-Old Girls Use Technology?

It seems like an article comes out every other week about how teens and young adults are using technology: what devices they're using (and not using), what social networks they're using (and not using), etc. Companies certainly have a vested interest in this information. After all, the earlier they can sink their "hooks" into consumers, the more money they potentially stand to earn from those consumers. What's more, teens are particularly fickle and can help identify new and upcoming trends -- … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The New York Times Doesn’t Like Obama Anymore

In case you haven't heard, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting data about your phone and Internet communications. A lot of data. So much data, in fact, that The New York Times recently published an opinion piece blasting the Obama administration, saying that it "has now lost all credibility on this issue." … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Meet The “Dear Leader’s” Favorite Sushi Chef

Much has been said about the huge divide that exists between the harsh conditions facing many North Korean citizens, and the opulence in which their leaders live. Even so, this recent GQ profile of Kenji Fujimoto, who worked for many years as Kim Jong-il's official chef, is eye-opening. It's a disturbing yet fascinating story of tyranny, debauchery, political intrigue and corruption, broken relationships, treason... and sushi. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: How Have Movies Poked Fun At Religion?

PopMatters' Bill Gibron offers a brief survey of the many ways in which films have satirized, skewered, and otherwise poked fun at religion. Films on his list include Life of Brian, Saved!, and the upcoming Rapture-palooza. … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Where Were You When The “Red Wedding” Happened?

As someone who has read the books, can I just say that I found the reactions to the most recent episode of Game of Thrones -- the one with that scene -- to be quite entertaining and hilarious? Oh, my sweet summer children... it gets worse. … [Read more...]

Will Humanity Face Extinction?

Nick Bostrom has one of the more interesting -- and depressing -- jobs that I've read about recently. As director of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, Bostrom spends his days thinking about humanity and its fate in the coming centuries, millennia, and beyond. In other words, he tries to think of ways that human beings could become extinct in the near and distant future.The mass extinction of species is nothing new to Earth history. The vast majority of species who have ever lived on our … [Read more...]