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Lauren Rambo is a wife, mom, and redheaded stepchild living in Louisville, Kentucky. She blogs at South by Style.

Hope for the Military’s Sexual Assault Problem

During the Vietnam War, the zeitgeist spewed venom toward the active-duty soldiers (many of whom were drafted) due to negative perceptions of the war. Jane Fonda and other celebrity activists hurled insults at the broken men for travesties they may or may not have committed and for a war they certainly did not begin.Today's Americans have learned their lessons from Vietnam. It is possible to not approve of a war and some of the misconduct which has marred it, but support the men and women … [Read more...]

Scouting for Anorexic Models Is A (Horrific) Real Thing That Happens

In the 80s and early 90s, the Supermodel made her debut. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista ruled the catwalk with their tall, slim, and muscular figures. Then came Kate Moss, who changed the face of modeling. Not only was she considered short by fashion standards (5'7") but she was wafer thin, a significant physical change from the amazonian supermodels from a few years earlier. She ushered in a new look of "heroin chic" where hollowed faces and protruding bones were de … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Women: Lilly Pulitzer and Margaret Thatcher

The strange thing about death is how it inspires many of the living to speak in hyperbole. Last week, we lost an "icon" who "brought together generations" and "reinvented" how things were done.And if that's how fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer is spoken of, you can imagine what's being said about Margaret Thatcher.Ms. Pulitzer died on Sunday in her home in Palm Beach. Her signature preppy and slightly nautical aesthetic, a uniform for the country club set, was pretty and easily wearable. … [Read more...]

Are You a Man Repeller?

How to repel a Human Male: Step One: Buy and wear overalls. These may be designer, maternity, denim, corduroy, or thrifted. Wear them often around members of the opposite sex.Step Two: Wear any kind of shoe that is not a ballet flat or stiletto.Step Three: Fix your hair and makeup in a cool way, possibly using an unusually bright lipstick.Go forth and repel. Many criticize fashion as being vain and worldly, but the most common criticism I hear is that fashion is immodest.Season … [Read more...]

What Should I Wear to Church?

The tech boom of the 90s was a heady time of enormous newfound wealth and human progress. However, in 2001, the spectacular bubble burst after years of euphoric investors bidding up shoddy dot-coms with no earnings and no profitability in sight. The momentary millionaires and billionaires were gone. Pets.com, once a Wall Street darling, failed completely and left investors empty-handed. But the tech boom did leave behind a surprising legacy that continues nearly two decades later: super casual … [Read more...]

Lean In: A Christian Woman’s Perspective on Sheryl Sandberg’s Book

I slid my hand across my behavioral assessment packet so the results were hidden from my closely seated coworkers. I had taken the DISC (for Dominance / Influence / Submission / Compliance) assessment and, unsurprisingly, was placed in the Dominant category. As a man, Dominant meant being groomed for future leadership. As a woman, Dominant meant cementing a perception of bossiness and aggression. It was possibly detrimental to my career to acknowledge my results, so I sat silently as others … [Read more...]

The Meteoric Rise of Men’s Fashion

In the past decade or so, the term "metrosexual" has been used for straight men who cared about their appearance. I remember going to college with several "metros" who had a taste for designer denim and wool blazers. These men weren't gay, but because they fixed their hair and wore stylish clothes, their sexual orientation was considered a bit suspect. Straight men didn't and shouldn't care about such things!Thankfully, that's no longer the case. Blogs, streaming fashion shows, and fast … [Read more...]

Where Should Christians Buy Clothes?

The relatively recent food movement toward local, responsibly produced, and unprocessed foods is one example of a broader social movement afoot. We're moving beyond simply conspicuous consumerism. People realize that their purchases matter and that realization has naturally extended into how we buy clothes.And that leads to a certain tension. Should I buy only fair-trade clothing? Should I avoid fast fashion chains (like Forever 21 and H&M) that are said to use exploitative labor? Is it … [Read more...]

The Dark Side of Modeling

I think I know why people may want to be a model.The veneer of being extraordinarily beautiful, garnering loads of attention, making oodles of money, being showered with free clothes, and rubbing elbows with fashion big shots sounds appealing.And they're partly right. Being a successful high fashion model brings with it a jet set lifestyle of glamour. So what's the problem?The recently concluded Fall-Winter 2013 collections at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) continues to perpetuate … [Read more...]

Is Christian Fashion Week A Good Idea?

Last weekend, the first ever Christian Fashion Week (CFW) was held in Tampa, Florida. Attendees could expect modest clothing collections, a women's only swimwear show, and gift bags filled with bibles. Held concurrently with the venerated New York Fashion Week, organizer Jose Gomez hoped to "do something to make New York jealous" and "really wanted quality represented."The merits of creating Christian subcultures within literature, art, music, and film have been endlessly debated. And … [Read more...]