Derek Webb Was Wrong and He’s Sorry, But Why?

Derek Webb has released the title-track to his upcoming album, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry and I Love You. You can watch the video below. It has a message!Though the message is striking, it's not, in actuality a huge departure from Derek Webb's previous offerings. Webb has always been a blatant sort of fellow, the kind of musician that writes music with a mind to convince and change minds. When Derek writes a song, typically, you know he's got a point to get across.So what's the point of … [Read more...]

CaPC Magazine, Issue #8: All In Moderation

In this issue of CaPCMag, we confront our insistence to overuse and abuse the stuff in our lives. In two exclusive features available only in the iPad and iPhone app we you'll find out the secret to moderating knowledge and read about the challenge of addiction in the church. To read these fantastic articles, make sure you download and subscribe now! (there’s a free trial if you’re uncertain. You’ll love it though, so it’s kinda redundant.)In his cover feature, David Dunham speaks from experi … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Curator Needs Your Help

We love The Curator, an online magazine that celebrates signs of "the world as it ought to be," in life and culture. It's a wonderfully maintained site that rewards its readers for taking the time to delve into and invest in its content. Now, they're offering their readers an opportunity to invest in a more concrete way: with money! Do it. … [Read more...]

Stop Hate-Watching the Church

In the past, I’ve done something called hate-watching, which involved watching the musical TV drama Smash on Hulu every week and tweeting hilariously bad dialogue and plot twists as they happened. The show was such a perfect combination of technically well-crafted accomplishment and bumbling misguided creative direction that it was a genuine joy to watch it slowly fall into itself like a carefully constructed bonfire. Although it was just a TV show, sometimes I found myself feeling sorry for t … [Read more...]

We’re Updating Our Comment Policy

A few weeks ago, we debuted our first ever comment policy. The gist of it was: don't be a jerk.Well, it turns out, that wasn't enough.As of today our new policy can be summed up as: "be charitable." Aside from having a more positive spin, it also allows us to more liberally rid discussions of comments that flirt with the line of jerkiness without ever crossing it. These kinds of comments are insidious because they follow the letter of the law but they ultimately make the community … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Is Your Favorite Pop Star Part of the “Devil-Worshipping Thralls of the Illuminati”?

Over at Medium, Stu Horvath considers the claims of some of the more, uhm, eccentric Christian popular culture critics. Are pop starts like Beyonce, Kanye West, and Jay-Z really part of a mystical organization run by and for Satan himself? The answer may (not) surprise you. … [Read more...]

CaPC Magazine, Issue #6: The DOMA, The Questions We Ignore About Technology, and More!

This week, CaPCMag is all about controversy. We delve into the stuff that divides us and try to come to some sort of nuanced and truthful place that somehow drives the conversation forward. In two exclusive features available only in the iPad and iPhone app we examine one controversy that's on the forefront of everyone's mind, and another controversy that ought to be more prevalent. To read these fantastic articles, make sure you download and subscribe now! (there’s a free trial if you’re uncer … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Are We Too Wrapped Up In the Console Wars?

Feeling invested in the success of the Playstation 4 or the demise of the Xbox One? I took some time to explain why you shouldn't be over at Gamechurch. … [Read more...]

A Call for Staff Writers

Want to write for Christ and Pop Culture?We’re looking for new staff writers who feel confident and excited about writing about the intersection of the Christian faith and popular culture. Here are some of the things we’re looking for in prospective writers:A commitment to what is commonly referred to as “conservative evangelical theology." That includes, but is not limited to, the infallibility of scripture, justification by faith alone, original sin, the historicity of the crucifixion … [Read more...]

Lecrae is on Vine and He’s Kind Of Awesome at It

I had been vaguely aware of Lecrae for years. My reformed pastor friends all insisted that his music was like a rapped theology lesson, so naturally, I passed. However, I first truly discovered Lecrae with the release of Church Clothes, a masterful and brutally honest mixtape that signaled his intention to make rap music that was more authentic than pedantic. With his latest album, Gravity, he didn't disappoint, producing some incredibly self-aware and uninhibited rap music that managed to win … [Read more...]