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What Does The Age Of Grace Mean? Are We In It?

A common expression among some Christians is that we are living in the age of grace. If you ask them what they mean by their statement, they will often make a reference that we are living in an age when God still grants grace to those seeking salvation through His Son. Likewise, there are some that tie this phrase to a time period described as the church age by dispensationalists. For this reason we will seek to find out what does the age of grace mean and are we still in it.What is … [Read more...]

What Is Reconciliation? How Does The Bible Define It?

All of us have been through times where we had a disagreement with someone. In many cases we are able to resolve our differences and continue with a normal relationship. In others, we made the best of the situation and tried to forget about it. However, sometimes the disagreement was never resolved and everyone involved went their separate ways being bitter and without reconciling their differences. For this reason, we will look at what is reconciliation and how does the Bible define it?What … [Read more...]

What Is Dispensationalism As It Relates To The Bible And The Church?

Many Christians have never heard of the term Dispensationalism. However, Dispensationalism is a familiar term to many people in fundamentalist circles, especially amongst the elderly. Likewise, many people may have studied Dispensationalism as part of a lesson on how to study the Bible and not even known it. For this reason, it is important to understand what is Dispensationalism as it relates to the Bible and the church.What is the common definition of Dispensationalism?  Dispensationalism … [Read more...]

What Does It Mean To Be A Carnal Christian?

Some of the best examples of why someone should be a Christian can be found in how some Christians live their lives. Likewise, some of the worst examples of why someone should be a Christian can be found in how some Christians live their lives. By these two truths, many attitudes about Christianity are formed, unfortunately, often with deadly consequences. The Bible refers to Christians who are a poor example of Christianity as carnal Christians. Therefore, we will examine what does it mean to … [Read more...]

Why Is Baptism So Important For Christians?

It is not uncommon today to find Christians who have never been baptized. Likewise, many people who have trusted Jesus as their Savior as adults see no need for baptism because they were baptized as infants. However, the Bible teaches that baptism is very important. For this reason, it is important to know why baptism in so important for Christians.What did Jesus say about baptism? Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He gave His last earthly instructions to the disciples. He commanded His … [Read more...]

How Does The Bible Define Wealth?

One of the hotly debated issues in our society concerns the issue of riches and wealth. The vast majority of people believe that to be wealthy, you must become rich by accumulating large sums of money. Some believe being wealthy is a result of hard work and sacrifice. Others believe being wealthy is a result of taking advantage of someone else. Some Christians believe that if you are not wealthy, you are missing out on what God wants for you. With all of these perspectives, we should seek to … [Read more...]