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What Does Pauline Christianity Mean?

What is Pauline Christianity

In Christian circles, many of us have a habit of labeling people or groups of people with terms that help us identify who they are. Sometimes these labels are used as a theological descriptor and sometimes they are used as a way to label others. In the case of Pauline Christianity the same is true. This conflict in terms makes it necessary to understand what does Pauline Christianity mean?Where did Pauline Christianity originate?  Pauline Christianity was first referred to in the 20th … [Read more...]

3 Bible Stories About Patience

Humanity is constantly on the move. We want fast food, fast service, and fast resolutions to high profile controversial court cases. When we do not get what we want, we get impatient and want somebody to pay for not doing something when we want it to be done. As we struggle with our own impatience, there is much we can learn by looking at three Bible stories about patience.What is the common definition of the word patience? The common definition of patience is “the capacity to accept or t … [Read more...]

How Does The Bible Describe or Define A Fool?

How Does The Bible Define a Fool

If you ask most people what they think of April fool’s day, they will often describe the day of April 1st when people trick others into believing things that are not true as part of a joke. After the victim falls for the deception, the truth is revealed and usually everyone has a good laugh. However, April fools jokes demonstrate deeper truths about characteristics of a fool that can teach us many things. To understand these deeper truths we should explore how does the Bible describe of define a … [Read more...]

3 Bible Stories About Forgiveness

Bible Stories About Forgiveness

One of the hardest things to do is to forgive. Many people will say that they have forgiven someone, but the next time things get difficult with that person, all the things that they allegedly forgave them for are brought back up for argument. The following three Bible stories about forgiveness will demonstrate what forgiveness is all about.Joseph and his brothers (Genesis 37-50) Most people know the story of Joseph who was one of the sons of Jacob, who made it a point to show that Joseph … [Read more...]

How Do I Convert To Christianity?

How to convert to Christianity

I once met a man that listened patiently as I shared the gospel. He asked several questions and after answering them all with Scripture I asked him what he thought about what he just heard. He said he didn’t know. I asked if he didn’t know because he didn’t understand or he didn’t know because he was not sure if he believed it. He said that he didn’t know because he had heard different things from different people from different churches about how to go to Heaven. He concluded by saying that one … [Read more...]

How Does The Bible Describe The Holy Spirit?

What Is The Holy Spirit

One of the most debated and misunderstood Bible doctrines is Pneumatology, which is the study of the Holy Spirit. Some people think of the Holy Spirit as a kind of separate force like you might encounter in Star Wars and Star Trek. Many think of that the Holy Spirit is a person. Others think that the Holy Spirit is a separate force that is projected by God. With all of these ideas, how does the Bible define the Holy Spirit?What is the Holy Spirit? The first mention of the Holy Spirit is … [Read more...]