How is the Exodus from Egypt like a Christian’s conversion? Are there similarities? The Exodus When God heard the cries of His people under their harsh bondage to the Egyptians, God told Moses that He was going to free His people. After a series of plagues, and Pharaoh’s persistent refusal to free the Israelites, God promised that every firstborn, both man and beast would die. Only the firstborn of those who would take a spotless lamb’s blood and apply it… Read more

Have you or someone you know had time where God seems silent, and so much so that you begin to doubt Him? If so, here are four great Bible verses to read when you doubt God. Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. If God had not encouraged Joshua after Moses’ death, then Joshua may not… Read more

When believers finally reach heaven, will they know family members and friends? Lazarus and the Rich Man Does the Bible tell us that we can know our lost family members and friends once we enter the kingdom of heaven? Not exactly, but there are strong indications that we will know those we’ve lost once we see them again and they will now us. One of Jesus’ most powerful stories is that of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Let’s read the… Read more

Why are so many more dads missing from homes today? What has it cost their children and the nation? Hearts of the Fathers Why would God say that He would strike the earth with a curse if the hearts of the fathers would not be turned toward their children? I am referring to Malachi 4:6 which said that “he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and… Read more

Here is a ministry that proves beauty can come from ashes. Ashes to Beauty A.W. Tozer wrote, “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has wounded him deeply,” but in this article, we’ll see it as, “God cannot use a man greatly until He has wounded him deeply,” and deep are the wounds that death often brings. The Word of God cuts like a doubled-edged sword, but it cuts in order to heal, not kill…. Read more

How can reading the Word of God draw you closer to God? Reading the Bible Reading the Bible seemed like a simple task at first, but I soon realized that I needed some help in explaining certain passages. Some verses seemed so daunting. There are so many verses to write on our hearts and truths to be revealed that it’s hard to know where to begin, but the Bible is unlike any other book. It’s a book that can be… Read more

It seems like addictions are growing as are the number of things we can become addicted to, so how do we overcome addictions? Addictions Addictions are those things we just can’t seem to live without. It might be shopping, smoking, exercise, drinking, drugs, or some other addiction, but not all addictions are bad. For example, I’m addicted to reading my Bible every morning and evening, and if I don’t, I feel like I’ve missed something (and I have!), but strictly… Read more

God has many names, and they are descriptive of His attributes, so here are five of the most powerful names of God. JEHOVAH-JIREH or Yahweh Yireh Genesis 22:14 “So Abraham called the name of that place, “The Lord will provide”; as it is said to this day, “On the mount of the Lord it shall be provided.” Abraham and Isaac were going to make a sacrifice unto the Lord, only Isaac didn’t know he was the intended sacrifice, so when… Read more

There are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible about Jesus Christ, but here are 5 important Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled during His earthly ministry. Born of a Virgin When Judah and King Ahaz were in peril from both the king of Syria and the king of Israel, Isaiah went to comfort Ahaz with the news, “do not fear, and do not let your heart be faint because of these two smoldering stumps of firebrands, at the fierce anger… Read more

Psalm 103 has been a Scriptural refuge for many in troubled times as God showers His children with blessings. Forgive and Forget Want to know about God’s relationship to His children? Read Psalm 103:2-4 which says, “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy.” Of course, blessing the Lord’s name means… Read more

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