What Love Is Greater?

What Love Is Greater? June 19, 2019

You’ve probably read or heard about some of the greatest love stories of all time, but this one tops them all!

God Demands

No one can enter heaven on their own merits. To attempt to do so is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not saved by works but by a free gift of grace from God (Eph 2:8-9). Works are worthless as far as earning our salvation. They are dirty rags at best (Isaiah 64:6), and trying to keep the Law as an attempt to save oneself is also in vain since “all who rely on works of the law are under a curse; for it is written, “Cursed be everyone who does not abide by all things written in the Book of the Law, and do them” (Gal 3:10). Our problem is that God demands perfection for all who enter the kingdom. The Apostle John wrote that “nothing unclean will ever enter it, nor anyone who does what is detestable or false, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life” (Rev 21:27). Even more difficult to take is Jesus saying that “unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt 5:20). Sounds humanly impossible, and in fact, it is…so how do we met the requirements of being holy so that we may enter the kingdom?

God Supplies

God demands perfection for those who enter heaven, so how do we become perfect in God’s eyes? We’ve already seen that works can’t help us. Although we do works for Hs glory (Eph 2:10), they are not for our salvation. The Apostle Paul says that you and I “were dead in the trespasses and sins” (Eph 2:1), so God had to bring us to life, spiritually speaking. Paul writes that “God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved” (Eph 2:4-5). We had about the same chance of resurrecting ourselves to new life in Christ as Lazarus did; none! When we received God’s Spirit, we became “a new creation” in Christ (2 Cor 5:17a). This effectively means, “The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Cor 5:17b). The new creation in Christ is all a work of God, so God supplies what He demands, and we meet those righteous requirements through Christ, because it was for our sake that God “made [Jesus Christ] to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Cor 5:21). Now, God sees us as having the same righteousness as Jesus Christ, therefore, our righteousness does exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees….meaning, we can enter the kingdom!

Dying for Enemies

I cannot remember reading any accounts of people dying for someone who was their mortal enemies. It has only happened once in history that I know of, and it was through Jesus Christ. Someone can die for another, but that still doesn’t reconcile them to God, but the Apostle Paul tells us exactly when Jesus Christ died for us. Even though it was 2,000 years ago, it was “while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly” (Rom 5:6). We’ve already read that “one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die” (Rom 5:7), but the great difference between human love and the love of God is that “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8). Now who dies for an enemy? Would you? Would I? Probably not, so God’s grace is so amazing because even “while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life” (Rom 5:10). God, through Jesus Christ, died for us while we were still living an ungodly, wicked life. That made us natural enemies of God, so I ask: What greater love is there than to die for an ungodly, wicked enemy?

Words of Life

When Jesus’ hard sayings caused many of His disciples to leave (John 6:66), Jesus asked His disciples if they’d also leave, but the Apostle Peter said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). Peter recognized Who Jesus was, telling Him, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matt 16:16), but to keep Peter humble, and put things into a godly perspective, Jesus reminds him that “flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven” (Matt 16:17b). Peter didn’t figure it out; God called Him as He does others (John 6:44). Jesus said, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life” (John 6:63). What Jesus told Martha, He tells all: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this” (John 11:25-26)? Do you?


If Jesus had not specified Lazarus by name, perhaps all that were in their graves would have been raised. That’s because Jesus, as God, has resurrection power; the power of life. He can bring to life whom He pleases, and He has brought us to life…new life in Christ…quickened by the Spirit, saved by the Son, after being called by the Father. All three Persons of the Trinity work in love and complete harmony in our salvation, so as Paul said, “ I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil 1:6). If you’re not sure, contact me, because today is a good day to be “all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall” (2 Pet 1:10b).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is an ordained elder of the Brethren Church and a Pastor and Prison Minister in the State of Kansas, but also a writer at Christian Quotes and What Christians Want to Know which address questions about the Bible. He also plants ministries like nursing home ministries, Outreach for the poor, and other evangelistic activities, and check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • pud

    “This is the true horror of religion…that people by the billions can believe what only lunatics could believe on their own” SH

    Endless infantile gibberish revering ritual human sacrifice of a “god” to himself….how sick and disgusting

    Endless babble about invisible undetectable places, agents and realms

    Endless idiocy about ancient religious lunatics

    Endless quotations from a book written by no name authors that is patently and demonstrably wrong about everything it says

    Endless claims and assertions with absolutely no evidence for the truth of any of it.

    You are a sick and delusional man jack….clinically mentally ill….do seek some help instead of invisible angels

    • Wacka Troll

      Pud’s back at it. His only purpose for life. To harass good people who believe the truth.

      • pud

        Demonstrate how one arrives at the “truth”

        Demonstrate that you in fact know the “truth”

        Failure to do so will find me blocking you permanently

        • Wacka Troll

          Haha, just like all the rest of you dweebs. Block anyone who disagrees with you. I like how you think you can bully me by giving me ultimatums. Like yesterday when you cried “Yes or No?” I’m allowed to have a conversation with you, as long as you can regulate the conversation. Block away pansy! I thought you were tougher than that, you sure act big and bad. lol SJ(keyboard)W

          • pud

            You are a loser with nothing to say…good bye.

          • Wacka Troll

            Offended… I’m a winner with nothing to say. Hellooooo

      • Jack Wellman

        Indeed. The only answer I can give such trolls are Matt 7:6

        • Monty

          And this is the verdict: The Light has come
          into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light,
          because their deeds were evil.

          whoever practices the truth comes into the Light, so that it may be
          seen clearly that what he has done has been accomplished in God.”…John 3, 19-21

          • pud

            Demonstrate how one arrives at the “truth”

            Demonstrate that you in fact know the “truth”

        • pud

          Of course it is. You cannot defend your cult beliefs rationally so you have to quote from the cult manual. You’re incapable of anything else.

      • kyuss

        please demonstrate that anything having to do with christianity is “true”.

        • Wacka Troll

          “please demonstrate” says the guy who’s eyes are closed. I don’t think I need to jump through your hoops. Now please respond with what you’d say even if I did jump through your hoops with, “See you didn’t demonstrate, because you can’t demonstrate.”
          Such a bore… same old puke coming out of your mouth as every other angry atheist.

          • kyuss

            i’m not angry – i just like to challenge the assertions of morons

          • Wacka Troll

            Suuuuuuure you’re not angry… lol. You’re only “not angry” when someone points out that you’re definitely angry. That’s why you troll Christians to try to make them angry. Your mind is small and your arguments are small. Zero original thought. Enjoy your misery.

          • kyuss

            why would i be angry? reading the drivel that you spew AMUSES me. please, continue.

          • Wacka Troll

            If reading is what amuses you, why do you spend all your time responding all pi$$ed-off like? Did you create a new account Pud? You scrubs are all the same. “MAD MAD MAD MAD!! DRIVEL MAD MAD…. MAD MAD BIGOT MAD…. MAD DEMONSTRATE MAD! MAD MAD BABBLE MAD, INFANTILE MAD MAD!!! Oh… i’m not mad…. YOOOOUR MAD……..” *I know what I’ll do… I’ll change my picture to be of Jesus flipping off the camera… that should antagonize them, muhuhuahaaa, because I’M NOT MAD!!!*

          • kyuss

            oh and as for my picture, i find that it enrages simpletons like yourself.

          • Wacka Troll


          • kyuss

            as for being mad, you’re the one typing in all caps and exclamation marks.

          • Wacka Troll

            Did you see the quotes? lol Learn to engrish.

    • Monty

      Exhibit A. Logical fallacies abounding.

      • pud

        Those are facts.

        • Monty

          And that statement is the proof that you are the tops in logical fallacies.

          • pud

            No, it’s proof that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

            A true logical fallacy is saying that life has no meaning therefore “gawd”..to paraphrase you.

  • Monty

    Well said, Jack. Jesus died even for pud. Sooner or later pud will find out just how wrong he/she as a human being can be. Hopefully, it will be this side of his/her death.

    • pud

      Demonstrate that this ridiculous claim of yours is actually true…waiting…

      • Wacka Troll

        “And watching”

      • Monty

        I think pud is a bot. No imagination, same tired and lame responses, obviously not reasoned or considered. Eye witness accounts and 2,000 years of continuous history mean nothing to the bot. I can’t imagine that any rational person would spend his/her days attacking people whose only crime is to believe and state the truth.

        • pud

          Name a single “eye witness” There was a continuous history claiming the Earth was flat 100 times longer than your “history” There are also religions older than yours.

          Demonstrate that anything you or the lying preacher have ever said, written or believed is actually “true”

          Explain the methodology for arriving at the “truth”

          Waiting…for your “rational” arguments

          Crickets chirping as expected

          • Monty

            If there is no creator then you evolved. If you evolved, then your ability to think is the result of mindless, irrational, random arrangements of molecules. Your thoughts are of zero importance and consequence. They are as useful as the occasional burst of static on a radio during a thunderstorm. Get over yourself pud.

          • pud

            All populations evolve. It is a demonstrable fact.

          • Monty

            Explain to me where life came from. Tell me why the smartest scientists with all the latest technology cannot create life. Tell me where the matter that makes up the universe came from. Tell me where rational thought comes from. Tell me about conscience, emotion affection, fear or hate. How can inanimate matter evolve into such abstracts? Where does instinct come from? Nobel prize winners can only guess. Since you know the answers to everything, I’m sure that you can enlighten us all afresh.

          • pud

            Explain to me where the toys under the x-mas tree came from if not Santa Claus

          • pud

            Explain to me where disease comes from…used to be demons

            Explain to me the sunrise…used to be chariots pulling it across the sky

            Explain to me thunder…used to be that the “gods” were angry

            How did the toys get under the x-mas tree if not Santa?

            ETC ETC ETC

            An invisible undetectable “god did it” is not an explanation for anything. Pretending that an invisible undetectable magical anthropromorphic deity called forth the universe from nothing via an incantation…is also not an explanation for anything. Things remain unknown and may always be unknown…rational adults don’t make stuff up for voids in their understanding.

          • Monty

            You should write a book on logical fallacies. They just flow from your keyboard like a river!

          • pud

            HA! Pointing out how absurd your reply was is ridicule not a logical fallacy. I’m not surprised that you couldn’t understand the mockery

          • Monty

            Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.

            Oscar Wilde

            You are still the king of logical fallacies

          • pud

            Ridiculous ideas deserve ridicule. me

            Demonstrate a single “logical fallacy” of mine….try

          • Monty

            Wow. Plainly you do not know the definition of logical fallacy.

          • pud

            Demonstrate one that I’ve made…waiting..crickets chirping

  • Louis Wachsmuth

    I just don’t understand why the author just took the time to explain the basics of the christian faith. It’s not like it isn’t preached a million times each Sunday and this web site is probably only read by christians who have sat in church services for decades. Do christian leaders assume the normal church goer is so stupid that they forget “who Jesus is, what He did for us, what we have to do for eternal life”? Or, is the theory that if only sleepy christians hear the basics enough times that they suddenly will become “on fire” for the Lord? Help me out here.

    • Monty

      A billion times in church does nothing to reach those outside the church. Some of the people reading the blog maybe churchgoers but not believers or not churchgoers at all. If it helps one person, it’s worth it.

      • Louis Wachsmuth

        “If it helps one person, it is worth it.” Well that outlook sounds good but repeating of a wonderful, basic truth over and over and over again does have a negative effect, which is warned against in the book of Hebrews. That is, people tend to get dull of hearing and start day dreaming. Or, if that idea of “one person” is true, why not just shut down churches and christians wander the city streets handing out tracts about John 3:16?

        • Monty

          I do not believe that the church meeting is the ideal place for evangelism. Having said that, it is tempting because so many church attenders are not born again. I am not Brethren (I have no denomination) but I think they have the right approach. I also believe that street witnessing and preaching are very much worthwhile. In other words, keep the church meetings for the church and have evangelistic meetings and “market place” preaching as well. More than anything, the real witness is a living, united, loving and compassionate body of believers who live what they preach. That is sadly lacking, at least in my part of the world.

          • Louis Wachsmuth

            “More than anything, the real witness is a living, united, loving and compassionate body of believers who live what they preach.” I am not really sure what this means. I am 72 and been attending conservative evangelical style churches in several differing States and cities. Also, member of many small home bible study groups. All have been nice born-again Christian folks. However, once scenes or places change, those people become just another memory. Oh, maybe a Christmas card, a visit to the hospital, but basically a Christian is an island onto himself, with only the Lord as the consistent factor. I confess, I quit Sunday attendance ten years ago. Though my wife is on paid staff, all my adult kids go there, not once in ten years has any members or pastors approached me to ask “why you quit?” the actual reason I quit is because going to church is boring and not conducive to true spiritual growth. Christianity should be approached like a person planning to become a physician, which takes years of hard work. Included are tests, lab work, hands on practice. Suppose that student found only being taught basic biology, year after year. No tests, no practice public speaking, no memory work, no lab work. That is the perfect picture of the basic church structure, totally worthless. I do write in these forums because it causes me to think and examine all my beliefs and practice communication. Thanks for talking, friend!

          • Monty

            I’m 68. I also have no traditional church. There are just two of us who fellowship daily. I’ve also started a bible school because there is so little fundamental teaching in the traditional churches around our area. I do stick my nose in the doors from time to time to see if anything has changed. I’ve seen nothing that makes me want to close the school. I’ll be happy when it is unnecessary.

            The church has lost sight of the fact that it is a body, not a collection of individuals led by paid professionals who are obliged to keep their congregation happy in order to pay the bills. Too many gifted people are sitting on the sidelines doing little, while the pastor gets worn out. The whole idea of a pastor running the show is unbiblical. What happened to the 5-fold ministry? And the purpose of those ministry gifts? Where are the teachers? Where are the prophets? Too many leaders are self appointed, not called by God. Many approach the ministry as a business to be managed instead of a family to be cared for. Google “Christian Life Frankston” if you are interested.

  • ken weaver

    If as you say Jesus died for his enemies and I am his enemy, he’s the one who claimed me to be an enemy. I never once in my life wished him ill will. I am happy to let he and his do whatever they wish since it doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on me. Apparently that’s not an option for me. When I die I’ll (supposedly) have to face this god. Then it doesn’t matter how I’ve lived my life, whether I helped my fellow man or not, whether I devoted myself to the betterment of man or his pain I will be told I am unworthy of heaven and sent to hell. If that is all true this god is my enemy. Not because I call him my enemy but because he wishes me to be tortured on hell forever. Simply because I refuse to believe that Jesus has any right to my sins. They are mine. I need them to make me feel shame when I see them. That way I can look forward and try to live a better life.

    • I can’t believe the unbelievable. I guess Jesus’s free gift is impossible for me to accept.

      • Monty

        2.2 billion people do believe. It is not unbelievable or no one would believe.

        • Sure, I’ll accept that for those 2B people, it’s believable. But it’s not believable to me, just like believing in Poseidon is probably impossible for you.

      • Susan Jane Elohim

        Have you been checked for narcissism. What if it’s interfering with your ability to accept Jesus?

        I know that is a threatening question on the surface but please consider it. Narcissists are important to God, too. They just create additional obstacles in their thought lives that make it hard for them to find peace with God.

        Believe me. Atheists who protest religion too much appear to be more delusional and prone to blind spots about themselves than Christians do.

        Christians accept they are sinners. That is the absence of illusions about one’s self but narcissists behind the suoerficial title of “atheists” reject the concept of sin about themselves and they refuse counseling in many cases, too.

        I wish you and all atheists who could actually be narcissistic the best. It would be best if you could seek help on this. If you did you might not feel the need to waste all your time tilting at Christians and inventing complaints.

        You could get Jesus and have a whole new lease on life.

        And yes, you can examine the theology whatever mainstream says.

        I hope you get saved and not become an eternal torment believer either.

        Get free and get happy and stop this uber competitive internet debating. It’s a manifestation of this narcissism you need to get free of.

        You’re important to God so get checked and get free of this need to be right all the time. It makes you quarrelsome doesn’t it?

        I bet you don’t even sleep well from all this nonsense. You’re like an angry rat running on a treadmill in circles except you do it on the internet.

        Genuinely seek God and He will be found by you. Seek not argue.

        Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation

        Peace Be With You!

        • Have you been checked for narcissism. What if it’s interfering with your ability to accept Jesus?

          Would narcissism explain why you don’t believe in Zeus?

          I hope you get saved and not become an eternal torment believer either.

          I’m surprised that you have no problem with the idea of a perfect god who for some reason must torture more than half of his creation. You’d think that a perfect god would figure out a way for all his people to avoid hell.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Hey, my posts are being meddled with again.

            No need to respond. The blog is finally screening some posts and of course you have the atheist trolls spamming me.

            Because Christians aren’t suppose to be able to freethink or tell the truth on a Christian blog.

            We’re suppose to submit to the pseudo science bull….LOL…while we pretend to be holier than thou but the truth is still the truth.

            Plus some of us aren’t very good at submitting to evil lies.

            I hope you check into what I said. It might help you.

            I have to cut my time back online again. I can’t spend all my time trying to help people who refuse to free think and help themselves.

            Being born again should be everyone’s priority but I don’t control you to set your’s, do I?

            Even though Jesus died to bring everyone the right to be born again….some people refuse to receive that message and like to mess that message up for other people as if their wills are controlling for other people but really only God’s will is suppose to be sovereign never men’s wills.

            Take care, friend. I have to follow doctor’s orders and get a walk in.

          • Hey, my posts are being meddled with again.

            It’s a problem for comments at my blog as well.

            The blog is finally screening some posts and of course you have the atheist trolls spamming me.
            Because Christians aren’t suppose to be able to freethink or tell the truth on a Christian blog.

            Is this aimed at me? I’m happy to see Christians have their say.

            We’re suppose to submit to the pseudo science bull

            What pseudoscience are atheists pushing?

            I hope you check into what I said. It might help you.

            I hope you see that “Maybe narcissism is your problem” applies to the Christian who won’t accept Zeus just as much as the atheist who won’t accept Yahweh.

            I can’t spend all my time trying to help people who refuse to free think and help themselves.

            Spend just a few minutes looking in the mirror.

            Even though Jesus died to bring everyone the right to be born again

            Jesus says we’re already saved. All of us. Read Rom. 5:18-19 to see Paul’s observation that just as we didn’t opt in to get Adam’s sin, we didn’t op in to get Jesus’s salvation.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Well have fun if you get anything from these dialogs. Dawkins did write a pseudo scientific book claiming theists had mind viruses.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I probably didn’t explain myself well. There’s no point to arguing while you surf a group of people’s personality disorder that regrouped under a false persona and named itself “atheism”.

            I have been talking to so many militant atheists online for so many years and I always come away with the feeling that I just engaged a bully type narcissist or a know it all narcissist.

            I hope you recover from your personality problems and stop making theists false targets of it.

            I had no opinion of atheists at all. I just set out to defend God in a blasphemous forum one day when witnessing some overt blasphemy, tried to sincerely understand atheist spiritual blindness, mastered everything on the BIble I could trying to show them the error of their thinking plus all kinds of worldly stuff.

            But the number of atheistic statements I was exposed to that point to narcissistic tendencies as well as xenophobic ones is unmistakeable.

            Why the massive amount of ad hominem attacks?

            It’s surreal. Only someone truly deluded about himself or in furious denial would ever launch that much logical fallacy at another person deliberately with the intent to hurt their self esteem.

            Fortunately, I am blessed to know that I am loved by God and never took any of the atheists’ taunts or cruelty to heart. I had on the full armor of God.

            But narcissism is a socially destructive personality type that I experienced fully on the internet.

            I speak of it now so you can observe it for yourself. It is all over these internet debates.

            Who resorts to ad hominem attacks all the time. It’s a bestial tendency.

            I hope you get well and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I had no opinion of atheists as people until they gave it to me and that narcissistic strain is so high in atheists. Some even exhibit xenophobia as well. Plus a few empathyless sociopaths as well.

            I did have an atheist tell me once that he would gladly see all us Christians dead. Not on Patheos. On another site.

            So what would you make of continuously being subjected to verbal abuse for 16 years….I think it’s narcissism.

            I won’t bother you any more. I am just putting you on notice so you can observe it.

            God Bless!

          • “I hope you recover from you personality problems and stop making” atheists “false targets of it”. You are projecting your own personality problems onto atheists. But you will probably need to seek professional psychiatric help in order to recover your mental health.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Bob Seidensticker I hope you realize conversational intolerance is a form of narcissism giving into a weak sinful tendency.

            Sin is God’s diagnosis of human behavior.

            Jesus is God’s cure.

            Justification is imputed salvation.
            Sanctification is infused salvation.

            The justified outnumber the sanctified but your narcissistic delusion keeps denying that truly sanctified disciples i.e. saints exist.

            But a bad life example by one person does not cancel out the good life example of another and Christianity still produces lots of saints.

            Only someone in narcissistic delusion or some other type of denial denies that true disciples did and do exist.

            I hope you accept God’s diagnosis and let him make an overcomer out of you.

            And stop hanging around people reinforcing your bias. It’s wrong. Evolution is weak evidence next to human nature and genetics. Evil predispositions or tendencies run in families where some are learned and some inherited. So nature and nurture are both at fault and creating your own reality does not deny this.

            I am being spammed now. For what? Telling the truth so you can get cured.

            If you don’t want the cure then stay off Christian blogs. Don’t show up on Christian blogs subjecting us to narcissistic delusions.

            You have to choose to be saved and well. I can’t force a cure on you and you certainly can’t force the sin disease on me. I already have enough of my own to deal with so be rational for a change. Don’t argue. Reflect and test yourself. Jesus did say to get the beam out of your own eye. Have a blessed day. If no one gets the diagnosis then no one gets the cure.

          • If you don’t want the cure then stay off Christian blogs.

            I thought this was a dialogue. I guess not.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            I already have a coherent belief system. If it’s not transferable there is no need to subject it to internet disinhibition.

            Good luck.

          • “Coherent”. Don’t you mean to say that your belief system is incoherent?

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            This thought just occurred to me, Bob, and I wanted to share it with you as a source of enlightenment not argument.

            We all have different starting points that we reason from. I wanted to know God and His answers so I yoked my mind to God’s in the scripture. That was my personal motive.

            You wanted to know how this world works so you yoked your mind to science didn’t you.

            Now you are trying to filter God’s revelation through science instead of submitting to Him personally. You are questioning His motives and are trying to force God to submit to science. Are you trying to rule Him out and where and who did you learn that from? Who reinforced that bias in you?

            The scriptures warn people not to get yoked to unbelievers… because our values and our perspective about God and life are different.

            Look at you and me in comparison.

            You yoked yourself to science and to God’s detractors without receiving God’s revelation first.

            You could have caused a block in yourself.

            You can’t make an idol out of science or logic or mammon or self or anything else.

            That blocks revelation. I hope this helps.

            Your arguing doesn’t really get you unblocked. God grants revelation but not to unbelievers or idolators….

            You’re going to have to examine yourself for an internal error instead of superficially skimming the surface being deceived with most people.

            I hope you find it in yourself to slow down and start really deliberating.

            If someone has meddled with your mind and yoked it to a system or method then it could make it hard for you to form a relationship with God unless you personally set out to seek and establish a line of communication with Him.

            I truly believe people are more deceived than ever today because we have a much harder time tuning out the world and really tuning in to God and learning from Him.

            If you keep mentally tearing everything down to stay subservient to a method of man made logic or science or some other ism then you never to get to the real treasure which is God Himself.

            So you think about it. I am too busy refining my understanding of God these days to be battling people on the interwebs who refused to listen to God but allow the devil access to themselves to upset their connection with God.

            If God said you are made in His image. Then don’t let the devil or the world disrupt your connection with God. Jesus came to restore His image in you. The real Christians are usually personally dedicated to God and you cannot scare or bribe or mock or fool them out of that relationship with Him. These people exist so learn to locate them for help if you need it.

            Satan builds counterfeits all over this world.

            Ask God to teach you how to spot the counterfeits. Ask for discernment along with the gift of faith and all the other gifts and don’t expect Rome to be built in a day. That relationship you establish is priceless like a newborn baby. You are going to have to take care of it. Defend it…feed it….etc. This will be the start of your spiritual growth. What if God allowed your spiritual growth to be delayed while you filled some other purpose in this world?

            Learn to tune in to God if you want to understand. A relationship is built. You cannot have one by arguing and tearing down someone else’s. So you are going to have to start over and learn to tune into God and He is the authority. He is the Expert of all experts.

            Hope this helps! God Bless.

            No argument necessary. I am just coaching you with some tips so you can be a spiritual successs some day. What is wrong with that? It should be a great experience for you. I know it changed me and after you change significantly enough….There is no going back.

          • I wanted to share it with you as a source of enlightenment not argument.

            I appreciate that approach.

            Now you are trying to filter God’s revelation through science instead of submitting to Him personally you are trying to force God to submit to science. Are you trying to rule Him out and where and who did you learn that from? Who reinforced that bias in you?

            Science works. Religion obviously doesn’t. There are a bazillion religions past and present. Humans obviously invent religions. Why should your flavor of one particular religion be likely to be correct?

            You yoked yourself to science and to God’s detractors without receiving God’s revelation first.

            I was raised Presbyterian.

            You can’t make an idol out of science or logic or mammon or self or anything else.

            They’re all imperfect. But for teaching us about reality, science delivers.

            That blocks revelation.

            I don’t use revelation to cross a busy street, and neither do you. You appreciate the value of evidence in every aspect of your life except for religion.

            God grants revelation but not to unbelievers or idolators….

            So first you have to believe? That ain’t gonna work.

            I’m happy to believe—just give me compelling evidence of whatever it is you want me to believe in!

            You’re going to have to examine yourself for an internal error instead of superficially skimming the surface being deceived with most people.

            Anyone could come at you from another religion with the same demand. How would you respond?

            Why is Christianity special? Why should we change the rules just for it?

            I am must coaching you with some tips so you can be a spiritual successs some day.

            To the extent that your motivation is selfless, I appreciate that.

          • Susan Jane Elohim

            Read Philippians 2. Paul the chief of sinners says to work your own faith out. What if your inner enemy and weakness is different from mine? Was God going to write hundreds of books on enemy combinations.

            No but He could get your interest and give you some guiding principles in how to fight your battles with sin.

            A seed dies before it transforms. Some people may have a tougher time transforming. Does that mean you shouldn’t make the attempt.

            It could be in the trial is where you meet Jesus. A lot of people seem to think so.

            I hope you reflect on everything so you can beat that enemy in Jesus’ name, of course.

            Theology is complicated but really you can only put so much into words at some point you have to put the words into action to see if God told the truth or not.

            Many Christians say He did and are willing to live and die for Him. Is that really a delusion or did they discover something not everyone else does?

            Faith is above all personal.

            I shared enough. I hope you reflect and read the Bible more and argue less. You never know what sin someone else may be buttressing. You know the most about yourself.

          • Are you so delusional that you see yourself fighting imaginary enemies? There is no more evidence for Satan and demons than there is for fairies. None whatsoever!

        • When you are asked for evidence that Yahweh is the only true God, you dodge the question. You claim to go by God’s evidence which presupposes the existence of God. Then your next tactic is to say that you know God exists because he lives in your heart. How can a subjective experience of God be evidence that your God exists?

          Didn’t some people believe that Zeus existed and as evidence they claimed that they know because Zeus lived in their hearts? So how does a subjective experience of God show that any God exists and, in particular, that your “god’ exists?

    • Sunny Iyke

      Jesus main purpose here on earth is to bring peace, try to find out by yourself who Jesus is, not what people are saying about him

      • ken weaver

        Who’s at war?

      • Monty

        Jesus stated His purpose: to give people life. We are born dead in trespass and sin, even the most noble fall short of God’s glory. Jesus did not come to make bad people good. He cam to make dead people alive. Matthew 10:34 contradicts your assertion.

        • “Do not think that I have come to bring peace but a sword.” (Mt.10:34).

          What kind of sword did Jesus come to bring? Mt.10:34-39 forms a pericope. Verses 38-39 show that the theme of this section is the cost of discipleship. Verses 35-36 show that the sword Jesus came to bring was not a military sword but the cutting of old family ties. Hence this verse does not, in my view, contradict the view that one of the reasons that Jesus came was to bring peace.

          • Monty

            Sure. Jesus’ birth was announced with, “Peace on earth goodwill toward men”. But the gospel is divisive, not because God intends it to be so, but because people make it so. Christians are being murdered, locked up, falsely accused, robbed, fired and generally mistreated just for being Christian. In the UK, just speaking God’s word could get you a date with the courts and likely a night in prison beforehand. So far, all the cases have been thrown out but the police are out to intimidate. In Australia, a sports star has had his contract torn up because he dares to quote the bible. Not a whole lot of peace there. Freedom is under threat everywhere.

          • I’m aware of the Israel Folau case. Perhaps he could have used kinder verses from the bible than verses which inflame others. After all, the bible can and has been used as a weapon of oppression but it can also be used an instrument of liberation.

            I’m not saying that he should, as a Christian, deny the Christian view of marriage as a union between a man and a woman that is intended to be life-long. He could promote this without telling homosexuals and other “sinners” that they are going to hell.

            The law in Australia now permits same-sex oriented persons “marrying” someone of the same sex. This does not imply that Christian marriage, as between a man and a woman, is rejected. And churches are free to conduct Christian marriages. At the moment, Christian pastors and priests are not required to conduct same-sex “marriages”, though they may if their church permits.

            Same-sex oriented persons can go to a marriage celebrant. The problem may arise if they insist on being married in a church that does not approve such “marriages”. Then, if any prosecutions are successful, Christian pastors could complain about a loss of freedom.

          • Monty

            The question is, does a Christian have a right to quote the bible and still keep his job. Israel Folau quoted the whole passage, not just the bit about homosexuality. Of course the PC brigade get upset. They get upset with anyone who does not conform to their groupthink. Israel Folau’s former employer fears a backlash from sponsors. Where money is concerned, any pretence of morality or freedom to believe what you want is jettisoned. Australia has no bill of rights. A the result of a case such as Israel Folau’s will be a fair indication of where this nation is headed spiritually.

          • “… does a Christian have the right to quote the bible and still keep his job.”

            I did mention “and other sinners”, so I am aware the Folau did not just say the condemnation was just about homosexuals.

            Whether a person should lose his job for quoting the bible or not would depend on how often this was done and whether it was wasting time on the job or not. Christians are not meant to be quoting the bible at work, but putting in effort for their employer.

            Now, in Israel’s case, he was using social media and I don’t think he should lose his job for this because it was not interfering with his work.

          • Monty

            I agree with you 100%. It’s a fine point, but the bible passage says, “Shall not inherit the Kingdom of God”. There is no mention of hell. The passage was written to Christians. It’s a warning that sin may be forgiven but there are still consequences for Christians who choose to live unrighteous lives. Unbelievers are already disqualified. Personally, I am not a fan of the “turn or burn” preaching. I tell people that they will face the Holy God as a sinner. When (if) it dawns on them that they are not going to be accepted by God, they can then come to know that Jesus offers forgiveness and reconciliation.

          • Phil

            “In the UK, just speaking God’s word could get you a date with the courts” Really? Give me an example because I have never heard of one instance of this. Harassment and other Xian tactics might might do it though.

          • Monty

            “A Christian evangelist was accused of a hate crime and locked up in a cell after preaching from the Bible to a gay teenager.
            Gordon Larmour, 42, was charged by police after telling the story of Adam and Eve to a 19-year-old who asked him about God’s views on homosexuality. The street preacher referred to the Book of Genesis and stated that God created Adam and Eve to produce children.
            Within minutes he was frogmarched to a police van, accused of threatening or abusive behaviour ‘aggravated by prejudice relating to
            sexual orientation’ – despite not swearing or using any form of offensive language.The father-of-one spent a night in custody and faced a six-month ordeal before a sheriff cleared him of any blame.”

            5th February 2017. A second or two web search reveals that it is not that unusual. I don’t believe that any of charges have stuck. However, it is authoritarian harassment in what used to be a Christian country. What better way of silencing people than to hit them with false charges? I was born in England. I owe my (deceased) parents a great debt for getting me out of there.

          • Phil

            There you go “aggravated by prejudice relating to
            sexual orientation” nothing to do with god.

          • Monty

            Your statement is incorrect. You cannot divorce God’s word from God. It is an assault on the right to declare what the Bible has to say. Please note that the teenager asked the question. I don’t know if it was a setup or not, but the end result was the same. Personally, I stay away from preaching about particular sins, although the idea of homosexuality makes my skin crawl. If someone asks specifically, I will tell them. Sin is sin. Greed, adultery, sex outside of marriage, stealing, slander and a raft of other things are declared to be sin. God does not distinguish one sin from another. It is the homosexual lobby that gets irate. Guilty conscience perhaps?

          • Phil

            Your original premise is incorrect as the Judge ruled in favour of the street preacher. What is weird is the guy said “I feel they try so hard to appear like they are protecting minorities, they go too far the other way.” Christianity is a minority in the UK and protected, supported and funded by the Govt. If “although the idea of homosexuality makes my skin crawl” then stop thinking about it and being obsessed by it. Projection perhaps?

          • Phil

            Your original premise is incorrect as the Judge ruled in favour of the street preacher. What is weird is the guy said “I feel they try so hard to appear like they are protecting minorities, they go too far the other way.” Christianity is a minority in the UK and protected, supported and funded by the Govt. If “although the idea of homosexuality makes my skin crawl” then stop thinking about it and being obsessed by it. Projection perhaps?

          • Monty

            It’s not easy to avoid talk of homosexuality. It used to be called the love that dare not speak its name. Now you can’t get it to shut up. The problem for street preachers is harassment. Would you like to spend a night in gaol even though you had done nothing wrong? Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan it’s to be expected. But a civilised democracy? It’s no wonder the UK is a social and political basket case. Nothing “great” about Britain any more.
            The UK is still nominally Christian. The Queen is still the head of the Anglican church. But the UK is far removed from Christianity in reality. That may change. I hope so. Or it may end up a Muslim country. Homosexuals had better hope not.

  • Carlos Santiago

    Very true. I pray for the commentators here who have spew out their internal agony to a nonstop vitriol, and for the folks who lovingly dialog with them.

  • frrolfe

    What a pathetic load of drivel. Get a life.