Social Synapse

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To God Be the Glory, Mmmm . . .

Not the best, not the worst . . . To God Be the Glory Rendition [Read more…]

Species Specific Shenanigans

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Danger, Scapegoating Alive and Well

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It’s to Be Expected

I wonder what Paul’s opposition thought about this passage. A bit defensive maybe? People have a way of going after our weakness  when they don’t like what we’re doing. [Read more…]

Love in Exile

I’m hoping to avoid crossing a line here. I don’t want to use this “pulpit” to defend myself, or in this case, a friend. (Happy to do that in a different forum, just not in these sermons.) But I do think we all need to be open to the possibility that when the flavor of our [Read More…]

Thinking Against Violence with Rodin

First of all, let me offer my deep gratitude to Natasha Lennard who interviewed Brad Evans for the New York Times. The piece, Thinking Against Violence, an unusually thoughtful piece for mainstream media, inspired this sermon and helped me find a bit of my voice this week! [Read more…]

Countering a Culture of Fear

I think Jackson Browne may have said it best: There comes a point when you’re not sure why you’re still talking; I passed that point long ago. I mean really, in a world where supposedly responsible people are spouting off such unadulterated hatred, in a world that is essentially hostile enough to Christian faith that [Read More…]

Unraveling Predestination

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Clash of Civilizations?

So this sermon is swimming around in some of the same waters as last week. The real theme of the letter, or at least this part of it, is trusting in the power of God to move towards unity. I’m thinking about that in the context of the sometimes outrageous remarks we hear concerning refugees. [Read More…]

Confronting ISIS (or whatever the hell it’s called).

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The Paralyzed Church

We really do have GOSPEL to share. I wish we’d share it. I’ll be off next week. When I get going at this, I’ll see if I can’t get some guest preachers to jump in. [Read more…]

Ephesians V: We’re Blessed? What’s With That?

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Ephesians IV: Dismantling the False Self

Grace and peace, Rev. Samuel G. Alexander   [Read more…]