Love Letter 13

I love you, or at least I try to love you. Sometimes it’s hard but let me not dwell on that this evening. (I saw a production of Romeo and Juliet a night or two ago.) You’re gorgeous, you really are. Your whole life you’d wanted nothing more than to live a life that matters. People say it’s because you have a big ego that needs to be fed, but I don’t think that’s it – at least not all of it. No, it is true and beautiful and I can tell it is because it is so painful for you, (which means of course … [Read More...]

Love Letter 12

I miss you Eric. Your friend Simko, (and he is such a good friend to you), told me you died last night and I feel now like something beautiful is missing from the world. I don’t mean something pretty you understand, but then you’d know that. I mean something real and alive. Baldwin said it’s what comes from “dealing with the roar rising from the void and imposing order on it as it hit the air.” That’s what’s missing. You did that for me, more when I was younger, but now that you’re gone it’s like … [Read More...]

Love Letter 11

I love you. I’ve been trying to figure it out; is it the love of a fan? I don’t know, I think it’s got to be more than that. I mean I love Bruce, or Joni and Jarrett knocks me out. I’ll sit and listen … [Read More...]

Love Letter 10

My friend Marc challenged me to write 90 love letters in 90 days as a spiritual exercise. “Our love lists are too short,” he says. He’s right. Declaring our love opens the heart and allows God, who is … [Read More...]

Love Letter 9

I saw you last night. We were supposed to be having a serious, productive conversation and of course we did, but for those first few minutes I just couldn’t get out of my head how gorgeously, heart s … [Read More...]

Love Letter 8

It happens all the time. You open Torah and it lights up in your hands; that only happens because your hands are charged with the Spirit who expands the love in our hearts. You carry the pain of a … [Read More...]

Love Letter 7

Dearest One,I could not love all the others if I did not first love you. That’s the thing about the love that binds us and launches us into the world – it expands us and opens our eyes to all the g … [Read More...]

Love Letter 6

How could I possible not love you. You're a man who has dedicated all of his vocational energies to eradicating pain – every kind of pain from a stubbed toe, to a crushed disc, to an interior carrying … [Read More...]

Love Letter 5

Dear Chahat,The fire in your eyes, the strength in your body, your creative sensitivity, your passionate hope, your incredible embrace – come closer, I want  to know you better so that I can love y … [Read More...]

Love Letter 4

You are one of the greatest lovers I know. I’ve got to get better at writing these letters so the whole world can know what is beautiful in the life of a person like you. At the moments of my deepest a … [Read More...]

Love Letter 3

Dear Z,How can one little boy bring so much light and life into the world? It’s like I held you and I knew that the love of God had connected us somewhere deep. You’re little tiny body squirmed a b … [Read More...]

Love Letter 2

I love you. I have from the day I met you. You are stunningly beautiful. You must get tired of hearing it, (and yet you let me say it and smile when I do). But it’s not that; there are plenty of nice s … [Read More...]

Love Letter 1

When I see the joy in your eyes I feel joy in my heart. When you say I love you even in that off-handed way we do I feel a depth connection that makes life right and why? Because you are alive with … [Read More...]

I’m going to write some love letters.

Declaring our love is a spiritual practice. Perhaps it is the most important practice we can do today. It seems to me that God's love has been somehow shut up inside me these last months. Maybe that's … [Read More...]