“WHO LIVES AND REIGNS FOREVER AND EVER” BUT NOT ON ER: A TRUE STORY An actor friend of mine just completed a small role on an upcoming episode of ER. He plays a priest (he thinks he was supposed to be Catholic but then the script and crew kept referring to him as a minister, [Read More…]


JOAN OF ARCADIA TV Executive Producer, novelist and new Catholic, Barbara Hall (Judging Amy, I’ll Fly Away), has a CBS/Sony Pictures TV pilot going ahead. The Hollywood Reporter describes the show’s premise as “centering on a contemporary Joan of Arc who has God appear to her in a different form every week.” Cast in the [Read More…]


FOX’S PURGATORIO Variety reports this week that Fox has ordered a pilot for a new digitally animated series called The Afterlife. Produced by Larry Kasanoff (Mortal Kombat), the show’s premise has to do with a family that accidentally dies and then ends up in purgatory, “which looks a lot like suburban Los Angeles.” This feels [Read More…]


OSCAR REDUX I’m back. I’ve gone through my annual post-Academy Award funk, in which I am so embarrassed and disgusted by my industry after the Awards, that I seriously fantasize about pursuing career options like selling shoes, or running a bed and breakfast in Fiji, or being a forest ranger somewhere without television sets…and, well, [Read More…]


AND THE OSCAR SHOULD GO TO…MY PICKS If Best Picture means the film that has the “most bests,” then Chicago wins. It certainly wins all the post-production awards – for editing and sound editing. The screenplay is the most clever, combining songs and images in a way that didn’t make us wince and in fact [Read More…]


ACT ONE COMING TO WASHINGTON, DC Act One: Writing for Hollywood presents Writing a Great Movie: Story, Theme, Values Saturday, April 26, 2003 Pope John Paul II Cultural Center 3900 Harewood Road, NE Washington, DC 20017 202-319-4100 www.jp2culturalcenter.org Conference and Lunch – $85.00 Register online at: www.actoneprogram.com Story is one of the most vital components [Read More…]


CHURCH CCC INVITES FILMGOERS TO VOTE FOR 2002 FAVORITES (Somebody emailed me this. I think it is from Catholic News Service.) WASHINGTON-The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) is inviting movie fans to cast their own vote for the 2002 Movie of the Year from a list of the ten best films chosen by the United States [Read More…]


FOR CHRISTIAN ACTORS LIVING IN LOS ANGELES Actors Co-op is one of the most award-winning small theater companies in Southern California. It is composed of committed Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox actors who meet weekly for prayer and professional development. It is truly a godsend to young actors starting out in L.A. who have the opportunity [Read More…]


MORE CHICAGO One of my most esteemed screenwriter friends sent me the following email on Chicago. (Please feel to identify yourself in the comments if you so wish, O esteemed one.) Why do we all love the movie so much, even though there’s no redemption, there’s no one to root for ’cause they’re all moral [Read More…]


CHICAGO VS. THE THEOLOGY OF THE BODY? A lot of my friends are troubled by the movie Chicago. It’s a hard film to recommend or dismiss for Christians. I think this is one of those films that good and thoughtful people can very well have differing opinions on (as opposed to movies like The Hours, [Read More…]