REJOINDER: ELEMENTS OF A CHRISTIAN ENTERTAINMENT Last week, I made a list of some values that one would expect to find in entertainment stories created by a follower of Jesus. My next project will be to discuss further elements that might come through a specifically Catholic worldview, as opposed to a merely Christian worldview. Finally, [Read More…]

WHAT WE MEAN BY “HE’S JUST AN ACTOR” Academy Award Nominee Adrien Brody (The Pianist) is featured in the premiere issue of the new magazine V Life from the people who give us Variety. In the article, Brodie waxes profound at one point, noting that he is very choosy about the kind of roles he [Read More…]

MORE GANGS: WHAT HE SAID If there are only two of us in the critics’ community who dare to label Gangs of New York as 2003’s Emporer’s New Movie, I am glad the other one is the great Eric Metaxas. Check out his column over at Christianity Today. I particularly second this: …Scorsese was powerfully [Read More…]

“THAT’S NOT FAIR.” I really wish this article wasn’t so true, because the tone feels so inflammatory. But I have experienced the same kind of insane fire-breathing hatred of conservatives, and particularly George Bush that Jan describes in this article for The Front Page. Particularly this section rang true: Hollywood is a society of liberal [Read More…]

A GOOD WAY TO SPEND A MONTH I got this message from my friend Mike Wallacavage at the International Institute for Culture. I can’t go, [grumble, grumble] but hopefully some of you can. Study Faith and Culture in Europe! “Communitas: The Restoration of Christian Community in an Age of Alienation” Summer Seminar held June 14-July [Read More…]

A SIX FOOT TALL WHITE SCIENTOLOGIST The Hollywood Reporter reports today that John Travolta is in negotiations to play Jimmy Stewart’s character in the update of the 1950 classic, Harvey. The story revolves around an otherwise normal man who claims to have befriended a six-foot tall, white rabbit. His friends and family put him in [Read More…]

PROPOSED: “ENVY IS BAD FOR DIPLOMACY.” For the week of March 11, 2003, U.S. made movies…. …held six of the top seven spots at the box-office in France. …held all top ten spots in Germany. …held nine of the top ten spots in Italy. …held eight of the top ten spots in Sweden. …held all [Read More…]

ELEMENTS OF A CHRISTIAN CINEMA I promised to discuss elements predicable of a Catholic cinema. Before we do that, we need to set out themes that would distinguish a Christian cinema. I am indebted for some of what follows to a book called After Image, by Fr. Richard Blake, SJ. Clearly, we are looking at [Read More…]

GROAN “The word family has taken on a wonderful and extended meaning…and can include people like coworkers or roommates.” Angela Shapiro, president of the ABC Family Cable network, explaining the channel’s racier fare. [Read more…]

“WHEN I’M WIDE AWAKE, I SEE SIGNS OF AN UNBREAKABLE CATHOLIC SIXTH SENSE.” Tim Drake has posted an extensive critique over on CatholicPundit called “The ‘Catholic’ Imagination of M. Night Shyamalan.” There is lots of info about the director’s personal history and filmography. It’s interesting and well-written, although I don’t agree with the central thesis [Read More…]