Mysterious Giants Found in the Outskirts of Copenhagen

These incredible giants made purely from recycled materials are sure to surprise even those looking for them! Read more

Great Grandmother Begins to Sing a Hymn Alongside Her Granddaughter

It’s so wonderful they captured this moment! Read more

Wish Comes True for Shy 16 Year Old Who Belts Out Jackson 5 Song

Simon has a “good feeling” about this singer and his premonition is right on target! Read more

4 Year Old Russian Girl is Fluent in Seven Languages

Bella can speak Russian, English, German, Spanish, Arabic, French and Chinese and watching her is astounding. Read more

Deaf Singer Gets Simon’s Attention and the Golden Buzzer

She can’t hear, but she sings like a bird. Read more

See What this Baby Does Every Time He’s Unswaddled

No surprise here…this baby does the same thing every time he’s unwrapped from his swaddling. Read more

12 Year Old Ventriloquist Stuns Everyone on America’s Got Talent

This shy 12 year old girl uses ventriloquism to belt out a tune! Read more

Disabled veteran doesn’t give up the hope of walking again

Doctors told him he would never be able to walk without assistance…good thing he didn’t let that stop him. Read more

Hard Nosed Calculus Teacher is Really a Big Softy

There’s more to their math teacher than they originally thought! Read more

Judge spends time in jail with man he just imprisoned

After three tours of duty, this man is shown great compassion. Read more

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