High school senior rescues girl with deployed dad

High schooler Matthew Garcia sprints to the field when he sees crying 9 year old cheerleader. Read more

Sia’s “Chandelier” isn’t easy to sing, but this 12 year old can do it

She’s come a long way from selling banana cue on the streets in the Philipines. Read more

Group of old men surprise everyone on Britain’s Got Talent

Nobody thought they had it in them! Read more

Their audition on America’s Got Talent is their first performance as a trio

We can’t help but wonder how they’ll sound together. Read more

Doggy head tilts…that is all

Some dogs do this when you talk to them and it’s just the best. Read more

“Fireflies” music video for Autism Awareness Day

Sweetest short story of a little boy who goes the extra mile for a new friend and neighbor. Read more

Revisiting shampoo prank in honor of April Fool’s Day

He doesn’t get why the water isn’t rinsing as it usually does! Read more

When the Taxi Driver Spoke to Him in Sign Language, He was Stunned

People in this Turkish town learned sign language for their neighbor. Read more

Road sign in Norway encourages pedestrians to do silly walk across street

Always make time for a little goofiness! Read more

VIDEO: Overweight and sick shelter dog saves man’s life

Man saves dog and then dog saves man. Read more

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