Missouri passes Convention of States application, becoming 12th state to do so

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The Convention of States Project is proud to announce that Missouri becomes the 12th state to pass the identical Article V resolution.

The COS Resolution, SCR4 passed on May 12th in the Missouri House under the leadership of Senator Mike Kehoe (SD-06), with House carrier, Representative Keith Frederick (HD-121), by a vote 85 to 50. State legislators see the federal government has no desire to fix itself, regardless of the intentions of a new president and new party in leadership. Citizens realize it is our sovereign duty to protect this nation and the Constitution gives us a way to do just that.

SCR4 calls for an Article V Convention of States for the purpose of proposing constitutional amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints, and set term limits for federal official, such as judges.

“Many Missourians, including a clear majority of the members in the Missouri House and Senate, have concluded that we as citizens must act now to save ourselves from a federal government that has grown far beyond its Constitutional limits,” said Keith Carmichael, State Director for COS Project Missouri. “It is past time for the states to come together as Article V of our Constitution provides in order to propose solutions in the form of amendments. We must quickly come to grips with the real crisis we have created—a ‘house of cards’ we call the national debt and the immorality of forcing it upon future generations—plus interest! We should honor our Founders, who gave us Article V and expected us to use it. Article V is a remedy—a rudder that needs to be used now to steer America back on course. It is in the Constitution for this exact time.”

Article V, two-thirds of the states must pass a resolution applying for a convention; once called, three-fourths of the states must ratify any proposed amendment to the Constitution.

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  • Wolfmanmos .

    What other states have approved this?

    • Janet Lopas

      Texas approved as the 11th state on May 11th. I can’t find the other 10.

      • Wolfmanmos .

        I got curious and looked it up.

        alabama,alaska,arizona,florida,georgia,indiana,louisiana,missouri,north dakota,oklahoma,tennessee,texas

  • chris n

    you right wing redneck scumbags already have far too much power

    fuck off

    • DerangedMuppet

      Spoken like a true Left Wing Nut-Case! We have rules and regulations for a reason. You want a country like the Mid-East? I suggest you go there! Or maybe Venezuela or Cuba? You sound like you support pure government control, you should really go to these places.

      • Robertmark Carlson

        It would seem you want a country like the Mid-East.. just “Christian”. That is what scares the hell out of us centrists. I’m not sure what to call myself anymore because the Left, my former abode, has gone stark raving insane the last few years… but so has the right- and if you deny it you’re as much of a liar as the left. The left has the philosophy of tolerating the absolutely intolerable (Islam)- and anything else is unacceptable which makes no sense at all. The right has found “religion” so hateful and exclusionary it HATES anything and everything not White, Heterosexual, Evangelical, American-born and pistol-packing. Anything else -at all- will not do and has to be removed either by cop (“I was in fear for my life”) or by law (Trump’s tricks to get rid of ALL foreigners.) I’ll say it- Islam is not a religion of peace… but this IS a country designed for and settled by FOREIGNERS. Unless you hail from Native Americans you’re lineage is also from foreign settlers… just exactly like Donald Trump himself. If you object to foreigners settling here you’re a damned hypocrite- just like the far right, and the far left.

        • DerangedMuppet

          Negative, Ghost Rider. I’ve known too many hypocritical P.O.S.’s hiding behind that “Christian” faith as well. I’m all for diversities and freedom of religions, so long as that religion doesn’t break the laws of our land… (sharia)

          Now that bit about the “parties” is spot on, and I’m glad you’re not the “enabler” of such actions they’ve been doing. These “Politically Correct” “Class Politics” aren’t good for anything but destroying our country from the inside-out!

          But what is this ignorance of me being a hypocrite because I don’t believe in open borders?!? Is THAT What you’re trying to get at? If so, Then you REALLY Need to come off your High-Horse, Fella! The times of Migration are LONG GONE! Tell you what… Why don’t you go cross over into Mexico, and tell them you’re merely “Migrating”… After All, Weren’t THEY From other parts of the world, Too? Does that make THEM a bunch of hypocrites because they protect their borders? Why is it so hard to understand?! See? What we have in our country, OTHERS WILL TRY THEIR BEST TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM US! IF WE DON’T PROTECT WHAT’S OURS, WE WILL LOSE IT! Just go ask those Native Indians, who conquered the ones before them, then in return was conquered by US, Just how they feel about open borders now…

          Answer me this… When is enough, enough? We’re already taking a massive hit because a lot of these illegals have manipulated our welfare systems! What happens when our economy crashes? Back to the Old West? Survival of the fittest? Why? Because some high-&-mighty a-hole wants to flood our country with as many illegals and “refugees” as they possibly can!


  • More obstruction from the left. Someone should create an antidote for the insanity of the left to turn them into respectful, law abiding citizens who love their country and not the type of “fake patriotism” they consistently display. SCR4 is just another attempt that will fail like their dwindling leftist democrazy party. In a sense, it’s entertaining to watch these whiny adult babies carry on with their futile attempts to disrupt President Trump. If they go too far, there will be war as those of us who love our president and voted for him will not stand for their nonsense.