Paris Climate Agreement Gives Foreign Countries Control over American Economy

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Senator Tom Coburn appeared on Fox Business recently to explain why the Paris Climate Accord puts American at a competitive disadvantage to other countries.

Senator Coburn understands the political implications of the Paris Accord because he lived inside the Washington machine for many years.

Now he’s committed his life to dismantling the Washington Establishment using the only Constitutional method strong enough to get the job done: Article V.


Tom Coburn’s new book, “Smashing the DC Monopoly,” describes how Senator Coburn left Washington and joined the Convention of States Project as a Senior Advisor.

Senator Coburn gives a unique, insider perspective on the Article V movement and explains why he believes a Convention of States can fix the problems he fought for years to solve. Click here to order it on Amazon, here for Barnes and Noble, or here to get your copy on iTunes for only $12.99!

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