Conservative Surge Puts GOP in Control of States at 95-Year High

There’s never been a better time to call a Convention of States.

While both Democrat and Republican legislators support limiting the power of the federal government, we’ve found that states controlled by conservatives are more likely to pass the Convention of States resolution.

That’s why this article from The Daily Signal is such good news:

Republicans now control the governorship and legislature in 26 states and conservative leaders say this trend continues to grow in Republicans’ favor.

“Over the last seven years since we have covered state legislatures and state executives pretty extensively, there’s been a significant shift from Democratic-controlled state governments to Republican,” Geoff Pallay, editor in chief at Ballotpedia, a website focused on elections, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

“Whatever happened in 2010 has remained,” Pallay said.

The trend of widespread Republican leadership continued.

With West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s announcement Aug. 3 of his switch from Democrat to Republican, the GOP has 26 “trifectas” while Democrats hold six, Ballotpedia notes.

A trifecta is a situation where “one political party holds the governorship, a majority in the state Senate, and a majority in the state House in a state’s government,” it says.


Republicans control 26 states in the legislature; Democrats control 6.   In four states, the split control.  In seven states, the Republicans control the legislature while the Democrats control the executive branch.  (Alaska, as they point out, is independent.) In seven states, the Republicans control the executive branch while the Democrats control the legislature.

The Convention of States Project is set to make major headway next legislative session. If you want to be a part of this historic movement, join the COS team in your state by clicking the blue button below.

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  • Brad Lewis

    SC is wrong on your map. We have full Republican control here.