Is this the day all of humanity has been waiting for?

It sounds too good to be true, I know — but could it be true anyway? Is it possible that July 23 really is the actual and “official” beginning of 1,000 Years of Peace?

That’s what some astrologers and prognosticators (including long-ago predictors, such as Nostradamus) have said. The world, they’ve declared, is now in for a Great Upheaval — but not a destructive one. Rather, a reconstructive one.

We’re talking here about a complete re-make (what I called the Overhaul of Humanity in my book The Storm Before the Calm) designed to create the most joyous, efficient, effective advancement in the Human Story ever conceived.

It’s going to involve — according to the predictions — a complete restructuring of our political, our economic, our cultural, and our spiritual ways of being. According to astrologers, it’s all about the Full Moon shining through the 7th House on the morning of July 23nd, and Jupiter aligning with Mars…or something like that. (I may not have all the details right.)

In any event, I believe it is true that all of life is nothing more than energy vibrating. I have always been told that energy impacts energy. That is, one energy source has an impact on another energy source, interacting in such a way that a third energy vibration is produced between the two of them.

This process of energy intermingling and interacting is going on all over the Universe between all of its interconnected manifestations of Life. We live in a cosmic cosmology that feeds itself, sustains itself, and recreates itself anew in a single simultaneous process occurring ubiquitously unilaterally. Do stars and other heavenly bodies, therefore, have an impact upon life on Earth? If the cycles of the moon can affect the tidal waves of our oceans (to say nothing of the tidal waves of our emotions), what do you imagine the entire night sky can do?

We have just now concluded a thousand years with Saturn in our sphere of energy influence on the Earth, because of its position relative to us generation after generation. Now, a new thousand-year cycle has begun, with the Sun as our highest energy influence as of July 23. This calculation is based on the Cycles of 7, which is said to apply in the cosmos.

Observations across history have revealed this cycle, with a seven-millennium cycle having begun with the so-called Moon Millennium starting in 4000 BCE. Those days are now behind us. With the Sun Millennium having been inaugurated, we will be experiencing what is, quite literally, a New Dawn. It is the dawning of a new civilization — or, perhaps more accurately, the beginning of the “civilization of Civilization.”

If this is indeed the true beginning of a new cycle in human history, how fast this new cycle takes hold is going to depend a great deal on us, of course. The spiritual activism movement that has been created — called the Evolution Revolution  — is part of the Twelve Spheres of Life Initiative of Humanity’s Team. This and other outreach endeavors will go far toward determining if the long predicted 1,000 years of peace and prosperity is upon us.

Question: What role, if any, do you wish and plan to play in getting this 1,000-year cycle going? The Evolution Revolution is underway. Are you “in”?

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