The Nature of God and Life – Preamble

God is the source of all help to people in the world, but most people are asking God for the wrong kind of help—and even then they often do not turn to God except when it is too late.

Most people are asking God to change things. They are asking for a change in the situations, circumstances, and events of their lives—not understanding that they are asking God to undo the very conditions that they, themselves, have co-created.

They are asking God for peace on Earth, and goodwill between all people—while they, themselves, continue to co-create the opposite.

They are asking God for health, safety, and security—while they, themselves, continue to co-create the opposite.

They are asking God for everyone to have an equal opportunity for full self-expression, for abundance, and for personal happiness—while they, themselves, continue to co-create the opposite.

It is true. All the while that we humans send up our prayers to God, we deny that we, ourselves, are continuing to co-create the opposite of that for which we say we yearn. And there is one thing we can be certain of in our relationship with God: God will always give us Free Will, allowing us to create in our collective experience whatever it is we choose to create — even when it violates the spirit of everything we say we wish to create.

The chief problem facing humanity today is our absolute refusal to accept responsibility for the experiences that we, ourselves, are collaboratively creating.

What God deeply desires us to do is to allow God to empower us. Yet when we turn to God for the wrong kind of help at the wrong time, it disempowers us, because it affirms our thought that that we are the victims of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

As well, it furthers our thought that we are powerless to alter the circumstance we have created, and that God is now the only one who can help us — if there even is a “God.”

As long as most people think of themselves as being at the effect of the events or circumstances in their lives, they are bound to repeat them, because they are not aware of how or why those events have occurred.

This is a declaration, in 40 words, of the precise reason that life is the way it is on the Planet Earth today.

People are not at the effect of the global events and circumstances in their lives, they are collectively at cause in the matter.

Every event and circumstance on Earth is jointly produced, placed into the collective reality as a collaborative creation of The Collective Itself.

And the tragedy is that The Collective does not know this—or, worse yet, does know this, and merely acts as if it does not.

Much of this has to do with our understanding of the nature of God itself. Is there even a being called “God”? What is the true nature of The Divine — and what does it want, need, require? What does it actually do in our lives? How does Divinity interact with Humanity? What is the nature of this relationship? Does it even exist?

These questions and more will be explored here in this multi-part series titled “The Nature of God and Life/an exploration of critical importance in our time.”  I hope you will join in the discussion by posting in the Comment Section below — and invite your family, friends, and acquaintances to do the same. Now is the moment for a worldwide conversation on a matter of global impact and universal significance.

In the months ahead I will bring this discussion right into your home via telephone and video links. Look for that from CWGConnect. In the meantime, join us here for the online print element of this exploration.

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  • SeriousQ

    You’re absolutely correct about, the collective will of, disobedience to God’s Will. Honoring God is a personal relationship, through allowing the Holy Spirit to be indwelling you. This is the realized promise that Jesus proclaimed, to all who believe in Him, as their Savior. God’s blessings!

    • MrD

      Salvation,repentance,our walk with God and being conformed to the Image of Christ is all personal as you have said.I believe that that is one problem in attending church for years with no life changes,as it gives the impresion of the community being the relationship.

  • MrD

    Until one accepts the responsibility for their own actions,the act of repentance leading to salvation would be quite difficult.Years ago the comedian Flip Wilson jokingly said “The devil made me do that,” and this is something in the Christian community that comes up quite often,but people ignore James chapter one about temptation.I heard a well known preacher years ago say that every time we attribute some problem or sin in our life to the devil, we are inadvertently giving him praise as that’s his mission and we are giving him praise for a good job.

  • Helen Gierke

    Ack. “Being at the effect”? What does that even mean? Is the writer trying to say “suffering from the effects of” something? or being passively situated in the world? Moreover, the idea of The Collective suggests that everyone, everywhere, is doing the same *wrong* or negatively causal actions that affect (not effect) the entire human race. I would counter this with the need, instead, for *individuals* to be more aware of the impact of their actions on others, whether in their immediate orbit or by extension to the wider community. There are *a priori* assumptions here that need to be articulated, clarified and in some cases discarded before the discussion can be meaningful. IMHO.