Day 29

Day 29 August 17, 2012

Remaining in Ramadan….after Day 29 this was on my mind in 2010

Ramadan increases one’s sincerity, subsequently while preserving oneself with patience. Fasting enriches our piety, intensifying the spiritual parts of us. Fasting, a grateful reminder for what we have and a guidance to strive righteously for a better life. It seems our American generation has been attributed as Muslim ambassadors. Diamonds are born under pressure” (unknown)

Take a proactive approach toward empowerment and leadership, engage life’s quality and sustenance for security and comfort. Internalize the Quran’s Wisdom for a more sound spiritual base, a logical but relevant comprehension; and it serves as an ethical compliance across worlds of diverse communities and environments.

“Verily after difficulty comes ease”…Chapter 94:5

Islamic education is an Iftar (dinner, relief) for a person who has been fasting on ignorance and immoral behaviors. It is an academic infrastructure for centralizing the mental around an universal belief in Sovereignty – the Oneness of God (Tauhid). It’s water for those in dying of thirst and a sea breeze for someone under an unbearable sweat. Ask for what you want and do not whisper it. Work for your earnings and preserve your development through humility, knowledge and sincerity.

Without knowledge there is no insight, which is a necessary tool. Insight is the main component or a navigational gauge around egotistic people and their issues. Those of us who are staggering in darkness, must seek an education for light. Islamic education serve as healthy eyes for the blind and hearing for the deaf. Without sight (intellect) and hearing (education) the body is without life – stuck in a mental stagnation of depression.

Fasting during Ramadan revives the soul, a period for acquiring awareness and personal development. Improving life, not just for ourselves but for all light seekers. Divine Mercy and Forgiveness for people who cannot help themselves. In Ramadan a person has an opportunity to purify the body and soul, and obtain an essence for success. Protecting our children’s creative abilities for a chance at a successful life, is a good dua. I once heard Imam Shuaib Webb once say, “Harness creativity for Truth”.

A Note to Americans, We are not the only people on the planet. As an African American my respect for life, a struggle for freedom and rights – came at the cost of lives, our dignity and souls still being lost. We should not form organizations under non profit status, just to project the same hate, as seen in the history of African Americans struggle for freedom (ponder this one, it’s something to think about and how we run our communities).

I agree, there are a lot questions that need to be asked; but most of these answers you will not find among the Muslims. We need to question our political leaders and ask them “what, why, when, who and how” did allow our country to be in this position. Seek out Historical facts that are not found in general history text and you might be surprised, with what is discovered (think about it).

Bottom line, we are facing a point of discussion and negotiation for a contractual social agreement between people for; security, comfort and progress. We have enough domestic equity, education and leadership for a new respected voice, consequently will change the world. Let’s utilize our valuable intelligence to resolve matters and disengage the blind bitterness, inherited prejudices and arrogance (kibr); ills that are preventing social solutions.

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