Every Thursday with the Volunteer

“Every Thursday” will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work. 

America is a nation of “People Helping People.” A place where individuals give sincerely, for true causes. Donating their valuable time to assure goals worth believing in, are reached. The Volunteers of America are leaders; they help non-profit, community organizations, and neighbors achieve various important tasks. Volunteers contribute ideas, give effort and resources for critical moments; pulling their team through some tough situations.

The Volunteers of America spread online education, create awareness in tough neighborhoods, and work those long hours; sometimes for pay and other times just free of heart. The re-election of President Barak Obama, was an appreciation and recognition for hundreds of Volunteers in America; not the forgetting the Volunteers assitsing Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, donating valuable time and also working hard.

This blog-ver-sa-tion is dedicated to Volunteers of America; across the board in all sectors of work, thank you and Create-A-Voice Salutes You.


Thursdays are about Leadership. The leader within Volunteers have led the way and helped make success possible, since the construction of America. Treat the Volunteer rightfully with dignity. Respect their humble altruistic nature, and next week it might you featured here on Every Thursday.

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