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I have traveled to and from many locations, and have passed by Los Angeles best sites and landmarks. Between stops I tend to reflect on life’s incidents, while staring out the metro’s looking glass. On these rides I witness many different types of people and situations. On this journey, I’m reflecting on conditions and people, the way we interact with one another.

Not yet on the downtown train… I witnessed several incidents that would raise one’s eyebrow of curiosity. One young lady fearlessly threw a rock, missing the intended person and hitting the train. Making herself known standing in the middle of the street, over talking a woman with children, who was defending herself and family being missed by the rock. Everyone standing around looking including myself, observing what could turn into a physical altercation, but it did not happen. Strangely after the rock thrower finished her entertaining, she walked off smiling and began talking to herself.

Now boarding the train close to sunset, on this windy day after the rain. Entering the train sitting down facing east, so I could perform the sunset prayer in a sitting position. Finishing this obligation, there I noticed an un-groomed man with heavy loads of spit and crust in his mouth area. This man was preaching, what seem to be a sensible conversation about obeying the Creator. He would preach and change seats, until sitting next to me. He then offered me his money (change) and I denied it. Then he said something to the fact, “People treat me bad, because I look like this, but God loves me.” He then moved, and I pondered what he said…hmmmm…

Thinking about mental health among people, I Googled this fact on my phone….

“An estimated 2.3 million Americans have bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive illness. A person with bipolar disorder can go from feeling very, very high (called mania) to feeling very, very low (depression). With proper treatment, people can control these mood swings and lead fulfilling lives. While the rate of bipolar disorder is the same among African Americans as it is among other Americans, African Americans are less likely to receive a diagnosis and, therefore, treatment for this illness.”

As mentioned here before, Our mental health in America is very delicate. Since 2001, we have experienced incidents of financial hardships, broken relationships and war; all which have divided a country into right and left, upper and lower classes. Having said this, your average American may need some type of counseling or therapy. Reading further down on the linked page we provided, it lists some well known factors why African Americans fail to seek or avoid treatment for troubling issues. Yet alone living in an environment of social ills, pre-existing 2001. The African American community as well as Angelinos, situations could be resolved by a government focusing on mental health and its root causes.

Our cries have been heard throughout our music, art, dance, poems and more. As a country we need to focus on wellness for the mind, body and soul. Understand your neighbor or family member, they may have a smile on their face, but subsequently could be suffering from symptoms of depression.

The holiday spirit of cheer has come again, as I exit the train seeing the lights, trees and decorations. I wonder if the lady I’m seeing smoking excessively has cheer, or the rocker thrower is she more cheerful now, or where is that un-groomed preacher is he still cheering people up spreading his gospel.

Take care people, I am watching you and praying for our sustainability as I passed through your part of the city….amin (amen)

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