Every Thursday with Famous Failures

“Every Thursday” will feature people of creativity and/or ideas of leadership throughout their work.

Meet “Failure”, everyone who has ever tried inventing, establishing or being the first at something has met it. Most successful attempts have encountered failure, in becoming smarter and/or more efficient. Failure exposes the weak spots, the kinks and broken strategies of an idea. It gives some individuals “motivation” to re-invent, focus, and/or double his/her efforts.

The following video describe the attempts, struggles and the opposite of “success” through the eyes of Famous Failures, that were made some well know people. “Nothing beats a fail, but a try” — unknown

“Every Thursday” is about supporting good people and ideas for better strategies or jump-start that one person, who’s ready but need a little push! Keep working, keep striving, keep thinking and keep implementing. Next week it may be you here on, Every Thursday. Visit www.createavoice.org for blog-ver-sa-tions #UrbanVoice

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