Every Thursday with Survivors

What happens when the unexpected, rescues the unexpected. 10 years ago Amanda Berry went missing, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight also went missing. “Charles Ramsey” the unexpected, helped discover the ladies being held captive in a Cleveland house. This event brought out a reality, society’s truth, and one’s humility – visible to the American Society.

Reality is seeing Amanda alive and well with a daughter, and housemates Gina and Michelle safely rescued as well.

This breaking Truth is moving America, to contemplate our country’s mental health, and how people are functioning quietly in the red. Now think about all the teens coming up missing every day. It is a cold reality to find out your child is gone, waiting in hope for a safe return.

Why is the Humility of Charles Ramsey so surprising to many. The unexpected and help was granted an appointment to deliver three women out of captivity. Or is it his dignity and remitting the reward, suggesting it should be given to Amanda and the others. It is reported, Mr. Ramsey has a jail record. I have not researched this claim, but if true at this point “Does it Matter.” His actions are honorable for anyone having hardships, deserves a second chance and opportunity to live, work and pursue happiness to support themselves.



Charles Ramsey was asked, “Do you feel like a hero?” Mr. Ramsey answered, “No, no, no – brah, I am a Christian and an American just like you…” Mr. Ramsey’s answer was sincere and it came along with an urban protocol, but Thanks to the Creator, a better outcome was written for him.

Another reality, reminded me through Mr. Ramsey’s interview is , we live on a planet and what it takes to survive on a planet. Sometimes I tend to forget how special, spiritual and how surreal this fact – is our reality. Just think, Adam and his wife were both placed on Earth to live. They both (May God be please with them) had to thrive for their livelihood, under unknown conditions here on Earth and now it’s our turn.

Every Thursday with Charles Ramsey, Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight – survivors

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