Cure for Christendom

I’m getting some great questions relating to yesterday’s post, “You Don’t Need Adam to Need a Savior, You Just Need Sin” (some great discussion, both in the comments on this blog and on Facebook). I’m rushing to complete a draft of my forthcoming book on Kierkegaard and emergent Christianity, however, and I really don’t have time to address the comments/questions sufficiently. I will do that in the near future, however.

In the meantime, if any of you would like to get a sense of what the Kierkegaard book is about, you can read my blog post on Qideas, which was just published today: The Cure for Christendom.

Have a good weekend.


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(PhD) is Associate Professor of Public Theology and Church and Economic Life, supported by the Schilling Endowment, at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Roberts has published essays on Kierkegaard and modern theology, including several essays in the series Kierkegaard Research: 2014-10-14 10.26.51Sources, Reception and Resources (Ashgate / University of Copenhagen) and other collected volumes on various topics, including Pietism, Karl Barth, and Christian spirituality. Roberts has published Emerging Prophet: Kierkegaard and the Postmodern People of God (Cascade, 2013) and is currently co-authoring a theological commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (Eerdmans) and a book about the virgin birth (Fortress Press, Theology for the People)