Redeeming Doubt (The Other Side of Faith)

Thanks to Tony Jones for posting an excerpt from Emerging Prophet on his blog today (and tomorrow). The post today is from my reflections on epistemology, Against Certainty, in which I argue that doubt is not an enemy of real, authentic faith; rather, it represents the “other side” of faith. Both Kierkegaard and the emergent church (in particular, leading emergent leaders/thinkers (McLaren, Peter Rollins, Tony Jones, etc.) and contemporary thinkers who influenced them (Caputo, Westphall, Richard Beck, etc.).

I encourage you to head over to Jones’ blog and join in the conversation. I’ll be checking in from time to time and responding to comments there.




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(PhD) is Associate Professor of Public and Missional Theology at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities (beginning in fall of 2014). Roberts has published essays on Kierkegaard and modern theology, including several essays in the series Kierkegaard Research: 2014-10-14 10.26.51Sources, Reception and Resources (Ashgate / University of Copenhagen) and other collected volumes on various topics, including Pietism, Karl Barth, and Christian spirituality. Roberts has published Emerging Prophet: Kierkegaard and the Postmodern People of God (Cascade, 2013) and is currently co-authoring a theological commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (Eerdmans).