Patricia Heaton blasts the Left’s emerging racial hygiene movement

In addition to staring in a TV comedy based loosely on my family, she is a pretty staunch defender of the pro-life brand in a setting most often set firmly in the side of pro-choice.  Can’t say I always agree with her take on things.  But she is a champion of reaching out to the poor and needy of the world.  It is through her FB pages that I first heard about the horrible African famine threatening millions (not, you know, the usual MSM outlets).

In this case, she blasted CBS’s coverage of the Icelandic ‘eliminate the crippled’ movement that is becoming all the rage.  Especially bothersome was its headline tweet, which I admit caught my attention.  When I first saw it, I thought perhaps they had found some way to help those with Down Syndrome overcome its symptoms.  Or even eliminate the syndrome entirely.  No, it’s just adopting the old ‘terminate that which isn’t convenient for our life’ approach.

Nice to see at least someone with a microphone is calling it what it is.  I can’t look at people with Down Syndrome without thinking ‘there’s a whole bunch of moderns who would like to see a world without you in it.’

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