So what is this Antifa we’re hearing about?

So what is this Antifa we’re hearing about? August 17, 2017

I avoided any sources remotely conservative to find out.  The last couple days have brought out some stories trying to set it right.  The first I found was WaPo, but it was a gushing, near orgasmic, love fest celebrating Antifa in all its pure and godlike glory.

CNN actually had a better piece.  Basically, Antifa appears to be a group that says it reserves the right to use destruction and aggressive tactics when confronting the radical right.   That is, fascists and Nazis and all.  Also certain forms of corporate wealth.

In the CNN piece, Antifa organizer Scott Crow happily admits to using vandalism and destruction, though he doesn’t consider it violence.  He also says the purpose is to shut down the opportunity for the radical fascists to be heard; to take it into its hands to stop their message so the government doesn’t have to.

That’s his take.  I don’t know just what Antifa stands for in these pieces, as much as what it stands against.  I also don’t know exactly where it draws the line between fascists and those who hold more conservative views.  Which itself is a problem.

Whether there were Antifa protesters at Charlottesville or not, I don’t know.  Conservatives have said so, and I’ll assume there must have been some presence, or there wouldn’t be a bunch of articles about Antifa in the last couple days.

For a look back, The Atlantic took a more cautionary look at the movement before it became all the rage in recent days.

But thought it was at least something to look at.  Better to be informed.

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