Find more of Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s work at their popular website This multifaith website focuses on a wide variety of ways to practice spirituality in everyday life. With more than 24,000 pages of content, Spirituality & Practice provides the resources you need for your spiritual journey. See the rss feed of latest content at Spirituality & Practice.

The Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy Homepages focus on 37 essential practices of the world’s religions (from Attention to Zeal) with recommended books, movies, excerpts, exercises, prayers, music, art, and much more.

Spiritual Practices includes articles and instructions on a wide variety of practices.

Spirituality & Films helps you find spirituality in new film releases – from Hollywood features, to foreign language films, to documentaries. Visit to search our database of 4,500 film reviews.

Spirituality on DVD spotlights new DVDs plus movie discussion guides.

Books for Spiritual Journeys focuses on new books about spirituality and religion plus children’s books with spiritual themes. Visit to search our database of 7,000 reviews.

Audios for Spiritual Journeys includes reviews of spoken-word and music CDs.

The Living Spiritual Teachers Project provides a biography, quotation sampler, and links to the work of more than 120 teachers from different religious and spiritual traditions.

Remembering Spiritual Masters Project profiles teachers who are no longer with us physically but still offer great wisdom through their books, audios, and films.

E-Courses and Online Retreats are popular spiritual growth and self-improvement programs designed to fit your schedule and your budget.

The 12s Galleries are creative presentations of spiritual quotations; a new gallery is created each month.

Blogs is a recent addition to S&P with three blogs to date (with more coming): Body Spirituality Blog, Praying the News, and The Spiritual Literacy Blog.

Religions & Spiritual Paths collects our content by tradition, including practices, teachers, courses, and special features.

Topics offers curated content with subjects such as “birds”, “gardening”, and “teaching.”

Quotes curates sayings and daily meditations for certain months like”Yoga Month” and “National Heart Month.”

Naming the Days encourages you to celebrate special days through rituals, spiritual practices, and special activities.

Spiritual Literacy Project tells you all about the DVD series based on Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s bestselling book, Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life.