Dec. 13: Giving Sight to the Blind

Twenty-nine-year-old tree trimmer John Wilkinson only had vision in one eye due to a sports injury he suffered as a teen.  Though he had adjusted to that condition, his life took a downward turn when he suddenly lost vision in his good eye.

The Casselberry, Florida resident was diagnosed with a cataract, but didn’t have health insurance.  As reported in the Orlando Sentinel, Wilkinson became dependent on friends for everything.

One day, his seven-year-old niece told her Girl Scout leader, Jennifer Hicks, that her uncle’s “eye was broken.”  Hicks took Wilkinson in to care for him, then contacted the Lions Club because they help people at risk of losing their eyesight.  The Lions Club contacted Dr. David Auerbach who provided free cataract surgery to Wilkinson as a gesture of good will during the Christmas season.

Dr. Auerbach said, “There are so many mission trips, but we can stay and help in our own backyard.”

Look around your “backyard” to see if you can share God’s love with someone nearby.

He has sent me to proclaim…recovery of sight to the blind.  (Luke 4:18)

Enable me to help others see You more clearly, Lord.

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