Dec. 20: Children Should be Seen and Heard

There is a Victorian saying stating that children are to be seen but not heard.  Yet according to Catholic News Service’s David Gibson, children today need to be less ignored and better understood.

To this end, Gibson offers five brief but powerful truths regarding the importance of children:

1. Children possess great dignity; they are signs of God.  Children embody Christ’s image inside and outside of the Church.

2. Children frequently test their parents’ patience. “Willfulness” is normal amongst young people and can be corrected.

3. Children suffer. A child can endure just as much pain as adults from difficulties such as disease, abuse, etc.

4. Children are growing. Children are in need of supportive environments in which to develop.

5. Each child is uniquely gifted.  Help them discover their God-given talents.

The Lord exalts in the unique wonder of His children. As earthly parents and guardians, let us strive to better appreciate and enhance the glory and uniqueness of young people.

Do not neglect the gift that is in you.  (1 Timothy 4:14)

Messiah, may we strive to be more loving and understanding of our children.

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