Dec. 30: The Power to Give

The Power to Give

It’s said that it’s better to give than to receive. But what happens when you feel even what you do give isn’t enough?

The Salwen family had always been considered a generous clan.  Parents Joan and Kevin volunteered for charities like Habitat for Humanity—and they joined their two children, Hannah and Joe, in working at a food shelter near their home in Atlanta, Georgia.

In spite of her family’s contributions, 14-year-old Hannah still felt more could be done. Seeing a beggar on the street prompted Hannah to voice these concerns to her parents. Joan, her mother, eventually suggested selling their $2 million house and donating half of its worth to charity.  The family actually agreed to do it.

As a result, the Salwens were ultimately able to give $800,000 to various charitable organizations. Not everyone is in the position to sell and donate half the profits of their homes. But it is Hannah Salwen’s belief that “all Americans have the power to give something.”

God instructs us to give freely and cheerfully, with no thought of compensation. Remember, gifts given in love are always appreciated.

Stretch out your hand to the poor.  (Sirach 7:32)

Christ, may we never tire of selfless giving.

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