Jan. 12: A Nurse’s Calling

“I think we identify with people who can’t help themselves.  I never realized that until Virginia died,” said Diana Costine, RN, an emergency room nurse at New York Presbyterian Hospital featured on ABC’s reality TV series NY Med.

The “Virginia” referred to is Virginia Dunn, a homeless woman Costine calls a “frequent flyer” because she’s been coming to the ER for 20 years with drug and alcohol problems.  Dunn is the type of person most of us would do our best to avoid in the street.   Yet Costine and her colleagues treat her with the highest level of dignity, respect, and compassion.  They are concrete examples of God’s love in action.

When Dunn is brought into the ER after suffering a heart attack, the doctors and nurses try to save her but are unable to.  Her death hits them emotionally because they knew her and liked her.  For Costine, it also confirms she’s chosen the right career path—that of helping the most vulnerable.

Regardless of what vocation you’re called to, offer a heart and a hand to those in need of help.

Let love be genuine.  (Romans 12:9)

Fill my heart with compassion for the helpless, Lord.

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