Jan. 6: A Gift of Grace

For 16 years, blogger Elizabeth Scalia, her husband and their two sons thought of their border collie, Alle, as another member of the family.  That’s why it was so painful when Alle passed away in July 2012.

Scalia recalled how insightful and loving the dog was, noting that “[Alle was] the one who knew when any of us was sick, and came to lie with us.  The one who watched at the window as we left, and ran to the door when we returned, because all she knew was love, love, love.”

After reflecting on Alle’s life, Scalia discerned a spiritual lesson that can benefit everyone: “That much love is a gift of grace…I can remember…what she taught me about God—the constancy of a love so unconditional; a love that watches as you leave, waits so faithfully and runs to meet you when you return; a love that comforts in illness, consoles in loneliness; a love that is present even as we are lost in our dreams.”

That’s a perfect reminder of God’s ever-present, ever-loving, ever-merciful presence in our lives—and of the way we’re all supposed to act toward each other.

A friend loves at all times.  (Proverbs 17:17)

Nurture my ability to practice unconditional love, Jesus.

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  • Tempa Dunn

    The Daily Reflection of Jan. 6, 2013 was wonderful. I am an avid dog lover and have always felt what your devotion today so clearly expressed. Thank you & God Bless. Tempa Dunn

  • Carol

    This reminds me of our old gal, Piper, who is a Christmas Eve baby and just turned 12. She too reminds me of so much GRACE…we are lucky to have experienced that type of unconditional love.