Feb. 15: Become a “Good Conductor”

When he was a poor student desperate to get home to see his dying mother, British writer Bernard Hare was in a bind.  He had missed the last train for the day that would take him directly home, but bought a ticket for another train, knowing he’d likely miss his connection.  He was also unable to afford a taxi.

Fortunately the “Good Conductor,” as Hare calls him, noticed his distress and offered help even after being rebuffed.  The trainman radioed ahead to his colleagues and had the connecting train held up until Hare could board.  The youth was rendered speechless. He didn’t know how to repay this generous man.  The conductor replied, “The next time you see someone in trouble, you help them out. Tell them to pay you back the same way and soon the world will be a better place.”

Hare retells his story to inspire the troubled youngsters he mentors today, saying, “My meeting with the Good Conductor changed me from a selfish, potentially violent hedonist into a decent human being.”

Be a “Good Conductor” of kindness.

The fruit of the spirit is love.  (Galatians 5:22)

Generous Father, help me spread kindnesses today.

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