Feb. 24: We’re Called to Serve

How many people every day walk by a homeless person without a second glance?  Bishop Chatard High School sophomore Abby Wuensch admits to having done so.  After taking part in a homelessness immersion program conducted through her Indianapolis school, however, the teen says she’ll never do so again.

“I’ve had my eyes opened,” Wuensch confided to Criterion reporter John Shaughnessy.  “I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be awkward around homeless people.  I should give them a smile.”

This program, created by religion teacher Sister Kathleen Keadon, helped its participating students and teachers to see homeless people in a new, more compassionate light.

“[The program] made me see the human dignity in everybody,” English/theater teacher Abby Funk confessed.  “It’s made me smile at people more.”

Jesus said the poor will always be with us.  Therefore, we shouldn’t retreat from the impoverished in fear, but rather reach out to them in love and understanding.

For the needy shall not always be forgotten.

(Psalm 9:18)

Lord, help us to uphold the human dignity of all Your children, rich or poor.

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