Mar. 3: A Healthy Helping of Healing

Gilbert McClure, a retired Kansas cattle rancher, lists his recently deceased son John’s best qualities: integrity, sincerity, honesty.  That last one digs deep into his sorrow.  You see, John took his own life, and admitting that is heartbreaking.

His parents didn’t see his death coming; his personality was the opposite of his actions.  John was a chef whose popular restaurant was always full.  But as his mother Marilyn told The Kansas City Star, “You have to face the truth so you can start the healing.  When you say suicide, invariably, someone else will open up.”

Now, his parents are using their son’s death for suicide prevention. Gilbert also finds solace in the thought that John is still cooking: “Let the Lord know he got himself a great chef.”

Pain that’s shared can often be lightened because you’re no longer bearing the burden alone.  It is also the first step toward healing.

Pray for one another, so that you may be healed. 

(James 5:16)

Lord, You never promised an easy life.  Give us the

strength to follow You.

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