Mar. 16: Compassion Class

At St. Vincent Academy in Newark, New Jersey, students learn more than just school subjects.  “Learning compassion is a major theme of our school,” explains the administrative director, Sister June Favata, S.C.

“We must pay attention to the ‘soul and heart’ development of the young women who are students at our school,” she adds.

Toward that end, the high school has a “Students-in-Community” service program.  In one activity, freshmen and sophomores welcomed more than 100 special education and special needs children for a festive “compassion” carnival.

“This is about teaching them to be sensitive to other people’s needs,” Sister June explains.

Each of us is called to compassion class every day.  It’s what’s good for us—and for our neighbor.

When He went ashore, He saw a great crowd; and He had compassion for them.  (Matthew 14:14)

Be merciful with me, Master, when I stumble and fall.

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