Mar. 12: Everything Changes

A professional musician, Marie Bellet sings about what she knows—as a wife and mother of nine.  “A lot of my music is trying to find the supernatural meaning of what we’re doing every day at the grocery store, in the laundry room, at the dining room table,” explains the singer-songwriter to Catholic Digest.

The title of Bellet’s fifth album, Everything Changes, has a deep meaning for her as well.  She says, “We have to constantly be open to being transformed.  Your life changes constantly.  You go from having little kids and being constantly watchful they don’t stick a fork into a light socket, to suddenly they’re…leaving home.  One of the hardest things, when your kids are getting older and leaving, is that you realize they are moving out of your comfort zone and they’re going to be facing their own adventures…And God asks us to just trust in Him.”

No matter the changes in life, a focus on love and a search for God’s presence in the details of every day will surely make life better.

I keep the Lord always before me…I shall not be moved.  (Psalm 16:8)

In the details of this day, Lord, help me see Your face.

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