Mar. 5: How to Talk to God

Prayer is an important part of our Lenten obligations.  If you find it difficult to pray, you might simply imagine God speaking to you.  His words might sound something like this:

You don’t have to be clever to please Me; all you have to do is want to love Me.  Just speak to Me as you would to anyone of whom you are very fond.  Are there people you want to pray for?  Tell Me their names, and ask as much as you like.  Trust Me to do what I know best.

Is there anything you want for your soul?  Tell Me if you feel guilty about anything.  I will forgive you, but you have to accept My forgiveness.

Tell Me about your self-centeredness, and your laziness.  I love you in spite of your faults.  Do not hesitate to ask Me for blessings for mind and body.  I can give everything you need for a happier, holier life.  Are you afraid of anything?  Trust yourself to Me.  I am here. I see everything.  I will never leave you.

I prayed, and understanding was given me; I called on

God, and the spirit of wisdom came to me.  (Wisdom of

Solomon 7:7)

Jesus, guide my mind and heart in prayer.

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