Mar. 27: Jesus Wrecked My Life

Katie Davis believes that Jesus “wrecked” her life.  In her eyes, however, that’s a good thing.

A few years ago, the Tennessee teen served as class president at her high school, enjoyed shopping for shoes, and planned to attend college.  But Davis had grown up admiring Mother Teresa and the love with which she served the poor.

On her 16th birthday, Davis told her parents that she wanted to spend a year doing mission work before going to college.  They reluctantly agreed to let her volunteer at an orphanage in Uganda.  She enjoyed the work so much that she moved to Uganda after graduation to work as a kindergarten teacher.

In her Christopher Award-winning memoir, Kisses From Katie, Davis writes, “I think many people would have looked at [the orphans] and seen only their filthy clothes, or the ringworm on their heads…[God] blinded me to the filth and disease, and I saw only children hungry for love that I was eager to share with them…I have one purpose, in Uganda and in life, and that is to love.  I could ask for no greater assignment.”

Clothe yourselves with love. (Colossians 3:14)

Guide me in serving the less fortunate, Lord.

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